“Politics and Golf”: A look back

With an state audit that will (apparently) look at the OS Golf Course lease, as well as “prevailing wage” public works contracts, here’s a look back at last year’s North Beach News “Politics and Golf” series on major issues flagged by REBOUND, the independent contractor association:








  1. Peter B. Jordan says:

    I stated before in another posting, perhaps an audit could do some good. We need to remember that the state auditor has no real enforcement ability, they just point out problems if they find them and as they see them. They also have the choice to investigate as much or as little as they choose. Perhaps time/financial constraints affect their choices. They have in the past chosen not to get very involved in some citizen filed complaints and have pursued others. An audit may do some good, it may not, but if the past is any example it will not put a period on this particular issue. The real solution is a commitment within the city government to do things right, having the expertise to know what that is, and the willingness to fully fund it. I haven’t personally been too impressed by our city in that way for a long time. I do hope that changes but I am not holding my breath, old habits are hard to break and, like addiction, you have to want to badly enough to endure the process. We will see.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Pretty hilarious when the entire campaign all we heard is the golf course is NOT under attack. If you attended the entrance meeting one former council member asked once again for an audit. But no attack there…….she has an issue with Curt. Always has.


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