The Politics of Golf: Part 1

How can golf be political? OIOS (Only in Ocean Shores) … On March 24, 2021, Miriam Moses, executive director of Rebound, sent a letter to the Washington state auditor. Rebound is “a private non-profit organization whose mission is to promote voluntary compliance with prevailing wage laws and related statutes.” Moses strenuously complained about “repair work performed on the on the Ocean Shores Golf Course by Turf Care, serving as the General Contractor. The City of Ocean Shores has, since 2005, leased the Golf Course to a company named Ocean Shores Golf Course, Inc. This is, for all intents and purposes, the alter-ego company of Turf Care. Both companies are owned by the same man, Curt Zander who, through a lease agreement with the City, handles the overall maintenance and management of the Golf
Course … Turf Care is registered as a General Contractor, Ocean Shores Golf Course, Inc. is not a registered contractor. As such, OSGC, Inc. may not perform any construction work on the Golf Course, in accordance with applicable statutes; but it did, in fact, it does.”

Zander, who has not yet replied to a request for information from the North Beach News, responded with a sharply-written letter within two weeks, complaining about “assumptions and inaccuracies” in the Rebound letter. Politics enters the game on the back nine: Zander concludes his letter promising to “mobilize” the golf course membership, regarding the coming election:

To be continued…

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