“Ocean Shores Tourist Killer”

Buy Tom Scanlon’s half-satire, half-mystery here. “It is 2005, and Ocean Shores is booming. A hermit is enjoying his retirement in the quiet beach town, where no one really bothers him and he is free to enjoy the wild nature of places like the woodsy Weatherwax. But after over-hearing of plans to develop the pristine area to create a tourist mecca, he decides his lifestyle must be aggressively defended. One tourist dies, and then another . . . A cover-up story claims the deaths are accidental, though locals know the true story: A serial killer is amongst them. The local police call Andy McCobb out of retirement to track down “OSTK” before he makes good on his threat to strike again – on the biggest holiday of the year. Ocean Shores Tourist Killer is a comical crime novel, filled with quirky characters and cold-blooded murder.