Introducing … Patrick Daughtery

He is part of the “5 for 5” crowd: Scott, Doering, Hardin, Schroll and Daugherty going for the Position 5 seat currently occupied by the appointed Scott. OK, so he didn’t quite follow the request and answer the questions one by one. But, you know, a little “creative problem solving” is always welcome…Here’s his pitch in answer to my questions:

I’m Patrick Daugherty running for Ocean Shores City Council and I am a United States Air Force Veteran. I’m running because I represent ‘We The People’ with no intention other than to continue to serve my country and restore transparency and control back to Ocean Shore residents.
1. Define Fresh Waterway and how to improve it-  *The waterway and golf course is the headstone of Ocean Shores.  It’s been neglected for 20 years and we need to create a maintenance fund and schedule a clean up before we lose it forever. I have 3 possible solutions:  a) Ocean Shores owns a harvester but there is Dredger that will skim the algae on the bottom of the waterway and bring the debris up at the same time.  That has been looked into previously- it’s about $100K investment; b) By composting the sludge we can resell it to compensate and pay for the continued maintenance and allow restoration to continue; c) Dam up 1/4-1/2 mile, drain it and then drudge it;
. Public Safety, what does it mean to you? Does it include a Tsunmai Tower? I have 4 solutions: a. Need more crosswalks and intersections that are lit up via solar power.  The solar power lighting for crosswalks for our needs cost between $750-3,100K;  b. Pt Brown Road- build a single sidewalk down the middle to allow people to cross the street vs having to build 2 sidewalks on either side of the street; c. Urgent Care also falls under Public Safety and Emergency which is explained further below (7);  d. Extend the fire break on beach further south between the dunes and the hotels. 
3. Development affecting fish and wildlife, ecosystem in Ocean Shores- I have 6 suggestions: a) Development of property should be inspected precutting & permits drastically increased to bring revenue into the city; b) Penalty for cutting trees not authorized should have a higher penalty amount; c) It’s been suggested by other candidates that a bond be placed prior to building & I fully support that idea; d) City ordinance must be applied the fullest extent of the law, failure to do so will deny the contractor’s ability to work in Ocean Shores;  e) If in violation- first time work will be done pro-bono; second time causes 3-6 mo suspension; third – lose ability to contract in OS; f) All buildings must pass inspection by the city before inhabited;
4. How do you define transparency? Transparency is allowing the public access to all areas where their hard-earned taxpayer money is being allocated because they elect us. ‘We The People’ have been denied for years, kept in the dark, never allowed to obtain specific information on city projects- my question is why?  Without transparency, accuracy and complete honesty, how can residents continue to trust those they elect? Remember, the City Council works for the people and the people have a right to know how their money is being spent. Suggest 4 ways to improve transparency. a) Anyone on City Council or in the Mayor’s office must be allowed to release information on any project that taxpayer money being used for;  b) Information should be given to any Ocean Shores resident upon request; c) Residents must be informed of any legal actions against the city; d) City and its agency websites must be made easier to navigate to find this information;
5. Procurement Bidding Practices- ways to improve? a) Include a clause on all bids that final bid submitted and approved must be adhered to; b) Any expenditures above the original bid must be presented to the City Council and approved before any changes are made on a project; c) Total transparency and oversight of each project;
6. Fire Personnel Out of Town- suggestions to solve?  a. The solution is easy- restructuring the schedule from 48 hours on and 96 hours off, to 48 hours and 72 hours off- this would ensure rotatation of the 5 in-city firefighters currently on the roster;  b. Ocean Shores Community is smaller than Seattle, so utiziling a White Paper Contract vs Master Paper Contract now in use will reduce the amount of money taxpayer residents pay; *White Paper Contract allows to pay out lower rates versus Master Paper Contract. EXAMPLE: *March 2021 & June 2021 a house completely burned to the ground because only the fire chief was available. While the excuse was given that several where dispatched out to various outlying areas, the it is the responsibility of the Chief to ensure personnel is effectively covering the City of Ocean Shores because that’s who they serve! You need 2 firefighters to run the hose! This is unacceptable!The position of firefighter is too important for it to be “out of town” position.  The City Council needs to change this immediately. In addition, there needs to be some type of Urgent Care facility in Ocean Shores. This would not only be effective for elderly Ocean Shores residents, but also for the outlying areas, such as Ocean City, Humptulips, Copalis Crossing, Pacific Beach, Moclips. I would propose we work with SeaMar and Dept of Health to see if there is a viable way to fund a Walk In Clinic there or utilize the available walk-in facility at the new Ocean Shores Pharmacy vs starting a new facility because it’s most cost effective. By changing the fire department to a White Paper Contract, this frees money to then allocate to a walk-in clinic. Funds can be used for a phyisican/nurse/receptionist; I’d like to work with the Fire Department to discuss EMT Unit being available 24/7 with coverage.  The Fire Department already has the ability, the City Council can work with them to come up with the extra funding.   
Closing Statement: I’m here to be a change from the usual City Council member we’ve elected over the years. I’m here because it’s time that someone represent the people’s interest and it’s time we recognize those who are simply in it for themselves, as we have seen on a state and national levels in recent years, where ‘We The People’ do not matter. While I don’t have thousands to spend on my campaign or have endorsements from those currently in leadership, the one thing I do have is integrity, passion for my community and the heart of a Patriot. I’m just like every ordinary Ocean Shores resident, who truly wants to work for you, to ensure policies implemented are in OUR best interest.  I will fight to uphold transparency and accountability when it comes to any project your tax dollars are used, uphold your Constitutional Rights; will restore, reclaim and find a cost effective maintenance solution to save the Waterway and work with city Fire Department, state and health officials to implement an Urgent Care Program for Ocean Shores. I will always represent ‘We The People’, have no other agenda than your concerns in mind and I will work hard to ensure your voice is heard! My focus is on the future of Ocean Shores and I hope you’ll think outside the box, then check it and vote for me

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