More about…David Linn

“Know Your Candidates” series David Linn, candidate for Ocean Shores City Council Position #7:

In my professional career, I do or did…

I worked for more than 25 years in the pension fund world, including teachers’, public employees’ and trade unions’ retirement plans. I was responsible for investing several billions of dollars of their funds in commercial real estate such as office buildings, industrial parks, retail centers and multi-family residential properties.

-I have lived in Ocean Shores since



-I moved here because (fill in the blank)

I chose to retire here because Ocean Shores is a quiet and friendly place with a closeness to nature and its wildlife. It is close to one of my favorite places, the Olympic National Park.

-A little-known-fact about me is (hat size, distant relative, whatever)

I ran 24 marathons in my 40s with a best time of 3 hours and 21 minutes. Five of those were in the Boston Marathon.

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