Clarification on hiring

Mayor Jon Martin’s statement last night and context. What he said: “Human Resources is in the hiring process for the Police Administrative assistant, the Police Records Clerk and a Code Enforcement Officer. We will have a new Police Officer starting March 1, 2022 which will bring the Police Department to fully staffed. The EMT and Assistant Fire Chief positions both close today. The Public Works Director position is still open until filled and we have been working on recruitment efforts with Express personnel. An applicant for Maintenance Worker II has been selected and will also start March 1, 2022. The City has successfully submitted its application for the safer grant that if awarded will afford the City 3 additional full time firefighters.”

Context, as provided in a Marin email to the North Beach News: “there are several positions that were budgeted for the police department that are being filled, however only one Police Officer has been hired which was due to a vacancy. All of these positions were budgeted and approved by council. I may have confused things by saying ‘police’ too often. As for the Fire Department the City Council approved the Assistant Chief and one additional Fire Fighter during the Mid Biennium budget Review, and then of course the city applied for the Safer Grant.”

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  1. Susan Conniry says:

    How does the city plan to fund the 3 SAFER grant firefighters after the grant funds run out?


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