Zander: Golf course revenue increased again in 2021

As previously reported here, the OS Golf Course revenue soared from around $500,000 per year in 2018 and 2019 to $660,000+ in 2020; in 2021, Curt Zander just told OS City Council, the course took in more than $680,000. He attributed the increased revenue to the pandemic, which drove an increase in tourists, as well as more annual members and a growth of residents. He said that, after having his $15,000 annual rent waived for about five years in return for repair work, he will start paying rent this May. His lease was extended through the end of 2025, he said.

After the brief presentation, there were no questions from council members.

Zander did not explain why he has not been providing the monthly reports his lease with the city requires; after an audit confirmed this, the city is now requiring him to do the monthly reports the lease has required for more than 15 years.

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