“Why are you going after the golf course? Who is behind this? Why are you stirring the pot???”

After some knee-jerk (emphasis on the latter) reactions to my reporting on the audit and the OS Golf Course tax returns shared by the North Beach News, let me be perfectly clear (to borrow a phrase) on a few points:

-I never said (or even thought) Curt Zander and his wife are paying themselves too much. Personally, I was surprised they don’t make more; professionally, I was just putting information obtained via a public records request out in the open, as Zander has been failing to provide monthly statements as specified in his lease (this was confirmed by the audit).

-I have no “ax to grind” with Zander, personally, or his operation. He has kept the golf course above water (so to speak) for going on 20 years, in good times and bad. That being said, he is responsible for operations on perhaps the city’s largest, most valuable asset, and neither he nor his fans should be surprised or concerned about scrutiny.

-Why am I doing things like this? Because, as I’ve noted before, no one else is.

-Why stir the pot? To see what’s in the mix, of course!!!


  1. Curt Zander got up one morning and decided to make the golf course the center of the universe by writing a letter full of lies about candidates for city council and sending that to his membership list. Seems to me, that is the first stirring of the pot. Once that stirring began to have consequences, his supporters claimed he is the victim of pot-stirring and have beat that drum for the past year. It would be amusing to see the unintended consequences of being a jerk, if it wasn’t still dividing this small city.


  2. David Done says:

    I also wrote a letter to North Beach News pointing out the need for financial disclosure. David Done


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