‘How much have (and will) firefighter complaints cost OS?’

It’s an excellent question; I will attempt to dig in. Pretty sure it will be dozens of times more than $50,000 (the high end for what citizens’ complaints about the golf course cost the city, via audit)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Should fire all of them and start over


  2. long time resident says:

    Ocean Shores has long run scared from the unions and most specifically the firefighters. City management has allowed them, by gross incompetence or inexperience, to become a group of political activists. They do this by hiding behind their club, O.S. firefighters association, as if they are not the exact same people who are the union employees. They have been allowed to financially bully and threaten the people of O.S. with no reprisal; they have been allowed to trade financial gain for political favors with no reprisal; they have been allowed to dictate the terms and conditions of their employment to their benefit and the citizens detriment with no reprisal; basically the now outrageously oversized tail is so happily wagging the diminished dog that the poor dog is getting beaten into submission. Without a drastic and painful change in labor management we can only expect more of the same. When allowed to operate unchecked by recognized bounds of employee/employer relations, nearly any group would get out of control. The good news is that by properly eliminating the 1 or 2 bad apples the barrel can be saved. It is a barrel worth saving, O.S. EMT’s are the best emergency medical group around and they may also be able to put out fires! It cannot happen by the wave of a wand or improper use of management authority but it can be done if the will is there. What seems apparent is that we should not continue down this road, the cost is getting intolerable and the danger that our other unions will also begin to act this way is growing. There will be a cost but like the appearance of the school bully; if you don’t deal with him/her now you will certainly deal with them later. When they become even more difficult to control. We badly need to hire 2 things;1, a first rate experienced labor attorney and;2 a very strong independent union contract negotiation team and both now rather than later. We then need to work with the attorney to establish what can be done to achieve the goals and then direct the negotiation team what changes need to be made and support them in that effort. The employees have those experts, it seems ludicrous that the employer does not. If you do not treat a cancer it will probably kill you!


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