Golf Course lease defines default

It has been clearly established that Curt Zander failed to file the financial reports spelled out in the lease (pasted again, below). The city’s “action plan,” released yesterday, basically is to have Zander follow the lease. According to the lease:

OS Golf Course lease excerpt
Audit “action plan”


  1. Anonymous says:

    You need to get a life. You live out of state and like to continue to “stir the pot” of negativity. Do you understand that a many small business owners don’t actually do monthly financial statements? That being said, what would the monthly statement actually accomplish? It doesn’t effect the city. The payments are what is important. If they aren’t on time, then you actually have something to discuss. I’m sure moving forward they will get the statements, but you are attacking a small business owner, because you didn’t like the results of the State Auditor report. This doesn’t seem like North Beach News, it seems more like North Beach Attack and Smear News.


    1. I’m not the one who wrote or signed the lease.


    2. Peter B. Jordan says:

      What has really become evident in this discussion is that the city for a long time did not require the golf course operator to follow the rules. Why not would be a better question than who are you to be asking! I don’t believe that monthly reports serve any real purpose but they are a requirement of the contract and should be met or amended. We pay good money to employees and officials to monitor and enforce contracts; one wonders how many other contractual obligations have been neglected? I would bet money, chalk or marbles that no employment contracts go unenforced; I guess it all depends on priorities.


    3. What would a monthly statement accomplish? Well, we’ll see, if the “new” rules are enforced…


    4. Wait, what? How does a small business understand if it is operating at a profit or a loss if it is not looking at monthly financial reports. Do you feel that some small businesses simply wait for the bank to tell them they have nothing left before they pay attention to their books?
      I’m sorry, I suppose there are business owners who are that careless, but I don’t believe they stay in business over 20 years if they are. Your argument is specious.


  2. Kathleen Merriman Schaefer says:

    Monthly financial reports are very important for any business, large or small as are the profit and loss statements. As citizens of Ocean Shores we are required to follow the city guidelines for our property and pay our taxes. The City should be paying as much attention to their leased property requirements and we as taxpayers should have access to the financial information provided by the business.

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