NB School District voter turnout: about half

The North Beach School District asked property owners/voters in Ocean Shores and the North Beach to approve two special election ballot measures, a moderate levy and a far-more-expensive construction bond. About 3,500 voted: 3,508 for the levy, which is narrowly passing; 3,489 for the bond, which is being rejected by a wide margin.

A few have asked: “How many voters are in the district?”

The answer: “There are 7,516 voters in North Beach school district. The number mailed out would be the same,” according to Scott Turnbull, Grays Harbor County Elections Administrator, after the North Beach News asked how many voters are in the district and how many ballots were mailed.

So…just under half (47%) of eligible voters weighed in on the measures; this was significantly higher than the county-wide voter turnout of 35% for various measures. The county election website notes there are 121 ballots remaining to count, though how many are from NB School District voters is not clear. The 54-vote lead for the district levy seems safe, but nothing is set until the final count and certification Friday, Feb. 18.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    looks like they found some ballots behind the voting machines on the Levy. time for a recount, Oh wait that only happens if they are losing


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