NB voters: Yes on levy; a hard NO on construction bond

The North Beach School District got a split decision on its two voter asks last week. Voters gave the OK to a modest levy ask for operations–but pasted a loud NO on a $110 million bond request, pitched as tsunami protection with the construction of higher elevations for students, staff and the surrounding community.

The district’s pitch: “Two school tax proposals will be on your ballot February 8, 2022
• Passage of both measures will protect the taxpayer’s investment in schools, and our biggest investment of all – our kids.
• The proposed combined tax rate (after levy rollback) of $2.56 remains considerably lower than those in neighboring communities.”

The first count results (click here for the county election website):

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  1. Peter B. Jordan says:

    I think the voters got it right. Now if we could only get the O/S city council to recognize the public disfavor over spending millions on a tsunami program that is mostly boondoggle we would have something!


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