PC to Mayor: No hurry to remove tents–but don’t make them permanent

Bad news, Ocean Pours fans: Last week, a letter to Mayor Jon Martin stated the Planning Commission recommends tents NOT be allowed permanently in business districts; in the same letter, PC Chair Dan Bricker noted the commission is happy Martin is in no hurry to remove the “temporary” tents.

On the Feb. 14 OS City Council agenda:

Communal Outdoor Dining Recommendation – Planning Commission

 Led by: Mayor, Jon Martin and Planning Commission Chair, Dan Bricker

Excerpt of Bricker’s letter (click on the agenda link above to view all of it):

PC letter


  1. Peter B. Jordan says:

    I agree with the PC. The structures should be allowed to stay in place as long as they are reasonably maintained until 30 days after the state of WA officially declares the pandemic to be over and then, if the pandemic is re-declared within 2 years the structures should again be allowed within the same guidelines.


  2. Ba Daly says:

    What is wrong with tents, I live here, I like them.


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