Who is Alison Cline?

The new OS City Council member, in her own words–her letter of application for Position 4:

Alison Cline, right, shortly after being sworn in to council.

To: Mayor Martin and Ocean Shores City Council Members:

I am applying for the vacant council position. I am a registered voter. My husband and I purchased our home in 2007. We lived her part-time until 2015 when we made the permanent move to Ocean Shores Education: I have a bachelor’s degree in K-12 special education and two master’s degrees, in curriculum and instruction and educational leadership/administrator. I have worked in education since 1996 in elementary, middle, and high school.

Prior to working as an educator, I have nineteen years’ experience in property management as a site manager and regional training director. I am a member of the Ocean Shores-North Beach Elks where I have served as an officer. I am currently the local and district chair of the scholarship committee. I am the district chair of the Americanism essay contest and the local chair for Hoop Shoot and the Drug Awareness Program as well as the State Chairman of the Drug Awareness Program. I have worked closely with Jodi Brown and the TADD group at NBHS as well as with the counselors for scholarships. We have had very successful Hoop Shoots for our students at OSE, PB, and the Junior High.

I currently serve as president of the Ocean Shores Library Foundation. As a community member, I have helped organize and participate by working community events. I was a part of organizing and working at the two Fan Fest events for the Seahawks. I am part of the committee which organizes and runs Grays Harbor Youth Athletics golf tournament, dinner, auction, and football camp. I was part of the team for organizing and running the auction for Sand and Sawdust as well as helping organize volunteers for Hog Wild.

I have been a part of the group planning and running the Summer Fun Program. I am a part of the committee which plans and runs Superhero/Music Fest weekend.

I have served as the coach for cheerleading and assistant coach for the powerlifting team at NBHS. Prior to working in education, I worked as a training director for property management.

I have experience working with budgets through property management as well as school budgets from my work in education. The success of our small businesses is very important to me.

I have had the opportunity to see how our businesses have been impacted over the last year by working in two of the businesses. Strengths I have developed in my careers include being able to collaborate, work with diverse personalities and being non-partisan. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss our community.

Sincerely, Alison Cline

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  1. Peter B. Jordan says:

    In recognition of the fact that we now have a full complement of lawmakers eager to do what lawmakers do, I propose the following as their first official act of creating law as a team. “Let it be known that as of this date it shall be unlawful to trashtalk, berate, or otherwise denigrate any lawmaker until such time as they have actually voted at least 5 times or held office for 24 hrs, whichever comes first. Anyone found guilty shall be subject to a punishment of 17 lashes from a used feather duster, administered publicly by any volunteer deemed able to count that high. Guilt or innocence will be solely established by the highest number of postings in all social media. Count shall be certified by a committee appointed by a neutral party, to be identified by a different and as yet unstaffed committee. Appeal rights shall apply and be never-ending unless the guilty? party dies of old age, in which case friends and family have the right to appeal the end of the appeal rights”. Sounds pretty American to me.


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