Why didn’t Conniry apply?

Tonight, OS City Council will choose one of four applicants (Allison Cline, Gregory Cox, Patrick Daugherty and Ed Schroll) to fill the seat vacated by Jon Martin, who was voted by council as mayor after the death of Crystal Dingler. Why didn’t Susan Conniry–defeated by Eric Noble in her bid for reelection, but with solid support that saw her not only elected to council four years ago after coming within a few votes of defeating Dingler as mayor–apply for the vacancy? She was pragmatic, when asked why she didn’t apply by the North Beach News: “You are correct, many Ocean Shores voters encouraged me to apply for the vacant seat on the city council,” Conniry replied. “My heart has long been that of a faithful servant of the people, however a vacancy is filled by nomination and voting of the six council members. I did not have the support of the majority of the council and Mayor Martin advised me that if there was a tie vote, he would not break the tie.”


  1. Mississippi Mike says:

    This woman never stops. The people voted her off of council and that is where she needs to stay. I do not believe she is a faithful servant of the people … more like a faithful servant of what benefits her.


  2. Peter B. Jordan says:

    Mike; your comment is an unnecessary attack on an individual who is no longer a part of our government, for whatever reasons. Being hurtful doesn’t help anything.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Since the question was brought up by someone other than Mike and S C responded by tooting her own horn think he had every right to respond


    1. Anonymous says:

      You’re pure hatred for her has clouded your vision. Where was she tooting her own horn? It’s ungrateful people like you keep good people from running. Enjoy what you wished for.


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