And the applicants are…

The OS City Council is scheduled to select someone to fill the seat vacated by Jon Martin (who was voted to replace the late Crystal Dingler as mayor) Jan. 24. The applicants, to date: Allison Cline, Gregory Cox, Patrick Daugherty and Ed Schroll (the latter two unsuccessfully ran for council last year). The vacancy was announced Dec. 13, with a Jan. 19 deadline for written applications. The letters the four submitted (provided to the North Beach News in a timely manner after a recent records request):

The procedure, as outlined on the city’s website:

Friday before Selection Meeting (January 21, 2022)
•    Invite applicants to the next Council meeting to speak individually for 3 minutes and  to answer Council questions.
•    City Clerk will provide copies of letter/resumes to Council members and the  press.

3rd Council night (January 24, 2022)
•    The applicants will be asked to wait outside the Council Chamber.
•    The applicants will be called in one at a time selected randomly by placing all names  in a container and selected one at a time.
•    Applicants may sit in the Council meeting and listen to subsequent  applicants.
•    When all available have spoken, the Mayor will recess into executive session.
•    Mayor and Council will discuss qualifications in the executive session.
•    Mayor will reconvene the regular meeting.
•    All Councilmembers names will be placed in a container, and the Mayor will pull a     name, and that Councilmember may nominate a person for the open position if the Councilmember passes the Mayor will select another Councilmember to nominate a person.
•    The Council will vote on the person nominated if there are four yes votes then the  applicant becomes a new Councilperson. If there are not four yes votes, then the Mayor will select another Councilmember to place a nomination. Councilmembers may only vote once per nominee, and during the first round, the Mayor may not break the tie.
•    If all Councilmembers have either nominated or voted for someone, the Council will  move to round two. The process will start again, and Councilmembers may nominate a new person or re-nominate a person nominated in round one, however during this round the Mayor, if they choose, may vote if three Councilmembers are voting positive for an Applicant.
•    If appointed, the new Councilmember may be sworn in and takes his or her seat.
•    The regular meeting continues.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Well there are only 2 candidates in this group that would serve our City well. I trust the council will vote prudently and make the correct choice for our City. If I could vote, my vote would go for Alison Cline or Ed Schroll. Just my 2 cents worth of wordsmof wisdom.


  2. Peter B. Jordan says:

    Words of wisdom or like most of us, just opinion based on our own life experiences? But it is nice to know which way the pom poms point. I believe that every applicant has something to contribute and means to do a good job. In reality it will probably make little difference; whichever choice will either strengthen an already strong majority or provide company to the remaining member at the kiddies table. Neither will change any outcomes. As intended by the voting majority. The sad thing is that O/S has a long history of electing good people and then expecting them to please everyone while most people give them no help in the on-going process. Elect a hero and convert them to bums .An example of this process may be seen in the small example displayed in this forum. Prior to the last election many people had much to say and right afterward much crowing and hand wringing occurred. Then; almost nothing. Recently a number of posts by the blogmaster brought up some important issues and almost no comment. Seems like almost everyone thinks their job is over and they have no further responsibilities to the process. Until they find out that something they don’t like occurred in their absence. Thence will begin the conversion of hero to bum. The process not working for you? Maybe you are not working for the process. Perhaps I am wrong and the last 50 years have been too short a time to detect a pattern. Or not.


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