State Audit: ‘For prevailing wage, we’ll be looking at the Golf Course…

“…irrigation project phase one,” said Tori Umemoto, of the state audit department, at this week’s meeting. And, she added, “Our audit is very focused to respond to citizen concerns.” Any concerns can be emailed to

“We received several citizen concerns” that will be considered, said Joshua Young, of the audit department. “There are some things in the REBOUND report we will look at.” He noted some things citizens raised concerns about regarding the golf course work “were outside our scope,” others had been looked at by the auditors previously “and we stand behind our findings.” But, he said, some new information was provided.

Background: Curt Zander, the operator (NOT owner) of the O.S. Golf Course, put in a low bid and received a contract to do irrigation work. The independent groups REBOUND later alleged Zander failed to pay prevailing wages, as required.

The audit results are expected in February.

View Monday’s meeting here

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