Will the state audit look into the OS Golf Course?

A meeting Monday announced the guidelines of the state audit. It incudes looking at “prevailing wages” on public works projects, as well as compliance with the golf course lease. Will the coming report flag the OS Golf Course project? The independent trade group REBOUND previously raised serious issues with how Curt Zander, operator of the course, did repairs after being awarded a public works contract. Copy of portion of REBOUND’s letter to the state auditor:

From Monday’s OS City Council meeting agenda on “Office of the Washington State Auditors Entrance Conference,” presented by Finance Director Angela Folkers: https://oceanshores.civicweb.net/filepro/documents/72684?preview=73122

“The Office of the Washington State Auditor’s vision is increased trust in government. Our mission is to provide citizens with independent and transparent examinations of how state and local governments use public funds, and develop strategies that make government more efficient and effective.
The purpose of this meeting is to share our planned audit scope so that we are focused on the areas of highest risk.
We value and appreciate your input.
Audit Scope
Based on our planning, we will perform the following audits:
Accountability audit for January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020
We will examine the management, use and safeguarding of public resources to ensure there is protection from
misuse and misappropriation. In addition, we will evaluate whether there is reasonable assurance for adherence
to applicable state laws, regulations and policies and procedures.
We plan to evaluate the following areas:
 Accounts receivable – utility billing, adjustments and collections
 Accounts payable – general disbursements
Compliance with golf course lease agreement terms
 Payroll – gross wages, overtime, leave cash outs, and bonus payments
 Compliance with public work projects – prevailing wage requirements
 Open public meetings – compliance with minutes, meetings and executive session requirements
 Financial condition – reviewing for indications of financial distress
Financial statement audit for January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020
We will provide an opinion on whether your financial statements are presented fairly, in all material respects, in accordance with the applicable reporting framework. The audit does not attempt to confirm the accuracy of every amount, but does search for errors large enough to affect the conclusions and decisions of a financial statement user…”



    Well let me tell you. If SC and her cronies are still pushing to audit the city and their records with the golf course SHAME ON THEM. But if they want to continue their petty games, lets call for an audit on the Sr Center and their questionable practices with the thrift store, the summer lunch program, food boxes and most recently the alleged North Beach Project Connect where SC is the Executive Director and cannot tell me why she needs donations! This group sounds like a networking group to provide information to those in need. I am so tired of people taking advantage of the citizens of Ocean Shores. If this entity is truly a division of the Sr Center … why the Executive Director title? Was this opening advertised or is it a self appointed title to add to her resume. My bottom line message is: STOP PREYING ON THE CITIZENS AND HARD WORKING BUSINESS OPERTORS IN OUR CITY that support 90% of the charities in our city.


  2. Peter B. Jordan says:

    Well, I don’t know anything about “SC and the Munchkins”, sounds like a kiddie band. I also don’t know a lot about the legal framework and practices of the Senior Center and since they are not tax supported as far as I know I don’t really care. However, there has been enough controversy about the golf course, recently and not so recently, that perhaps a state audit of the issue isn’t such a bad idea. The golf course, unlike the senior center, is taxpayer owned. The state auditor will look at all city functions and investigate, to some degree, any properly submitted complaints. Maybe an audit will put the issue to rest. Given recent court proceedings, perhaps lily white is not the color of choice for the city. And, just as an aside, I doubt that “SC” filed the complaint. I doubt that continuing to slap “SC” around accomplishes anything of value in a city that needs to find a way to come together.

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  3. Jan Hiatt says:

    First of all, thank you North Beach News for putting this information out for all to see. Next, I agree with Peter Jordan’s comments.


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