How was Mayor Martin’s first “chat”?

Sounds like it was a packed crowd…if you were there, what did you think? Do you want the new mayor to continue this? According to the city post announcing yesterday’s event, “If you are not able to attend send me an email at I really want to hear your thoughts and ideas.”


  1. myacdfp says:

    Was Rich Hartman able to attend

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    1. MerryChristmas says:

      The question wasn’t on who actually attended but IF you attended, what did you think of the format. But you chose to play the “Scrooge” and be snarky to single out 1 individual. Santa will have an extra lump of coal this year just for you. So my question to you is, did YOU attend and if so do YOU like this new forum?


      1. Anonymous says:

        What was snarky about Scanlons post. It is a valid question. In fact don’t throw stones while living in your glass house sir!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I was there. I was there partly in support of Ocean Pours. They have been operating their thriving business under an Emergency Order during COVID with an addition to their small building. But, in addition, I wanted to see what the new Mayor had to say. I am cautiously, optimistic. He is promising to be open and transparent, something I haven’t witnessed before. He is willing to hold town halls, and include citizens, and promised to listen to the citizens and their concerns. Like I said, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, somewhat. He’s a business owner, and a politician, I have my own opinion where his interests lie. Time will tell.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I was there. The mayor was very open and interesting information was shared. I am very optimistic that communication from the city will improve. This type of meeting and more information on what is happening in city government in the city website will be a stark change from the way OS mayors have operated in the past.


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