Will new mayor have time for the job?

Jon Martin is a busy man. The new Ocean Shores mayor (he was appointed by his City Council colleagues last week after the death of Crystal Dingler) is director of operations for five McDonald’s restaurants, owner of Martin Bruni Liquor and, since his July appointment, also a PUD commissioner.

The North Beach News asked him if he had concerns about having enough time for the position, which he confirmed is technically a part-time job (it pays $12,000 per year). His answer: “This is not a full time position with the addition of the City Administrator the plan was for it to be part time. Which the salary is reflective of a part time position. Since I have not served in this position before I do not know the time commitment. I do believe all other mayors in Grays Harbor are part time.”


  1. Palatik says:

    The experience that Jon Martin brings to the role of Mayor proves that he knows how to manage his time and effiiciently delegate duties to staff as necessary. He has already kick started his role by hosting an informal meeting to Chat with the Mayor so he can hear first hand the needs of the citizens. Hopefully, his forum will eliminate other forums in our City that only cause divide. I trust that the citizens will continually choose to go the the Mayors forum to get their answers first hand and stop relying on someone’s interpretation of what was or wasn’t said.
    I support Jon Martin being appointed as our Mayor and I trust that good things are on the horizon for our City under his leadership. He will share his knowledge and experience that has brought success to his businesses to better our City.


  2. Rose says:

    He absolutely will do his best


  3. Anonymous says:

    Why do you always want to stir up “negative”? Busy people get things done! I would suggest that based on the last election, negative doesn’t “play” in Ocean Shores, and you should start being a somewhat positive influence on our community.


    1. If you think asking a legitimate question is being “negative”–well, you must live in Ocean Shores!!!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I could not be happier with the election outcome -and with Jon being appointed mayor. The council member that was defeated – and by the way Eric did not run for “her” seat – it is a council position that is open for election, no one owns it – thrives on spreading negativity and discourse. I too hope that people stop going to her very politicized meetings and get all of their information straight from council and the department heads. That’s the only way to start healing the city and the divide. I’ve been to dozens of seminars who preach – “if you want something done, ask the busiest person in the room” and that rings true here. Jon will not just talk – he will take action. That too is a huge departure from the person who just got defeated. All talk, absolutely nothing accomplished.


    1. the un-duped voter says:

      The election outcome is what it is. Obviously you are at least partially pleased. All well and good but to say that Eric didn’t run for “her” seat is just malarkey, he already had one with the same brand and style of chair. It was obviously a plan to defeat “her” and open a seat up for an approved and known contestant. It is what it is but don’t blow smoke. As far as getting all your info from council and dep’t heads, does that package come with rose colored glasses? The original question is legitimate; the answer is yet unknown. By the way, our new mayor is also the incoming president of Greater Grays Harbor, another significant effort if done right. I wish him well.


      1. PaulaG says:

        Whether he (Eric) ran for her seat to unseat her or not is not the issue, the people voted and she lost. That is democracy. This has nothing to do with our current Mayor who I support and wish him the best.


      2. Anonymous says:

        Her quote is that Eric “chose to run for my position”. She does not own position #1. Eric chose to run for position #1. Susan could have chosen to run for any open position. Position #5 and position #7 were open. She could have run for either of those seats. Doesn’t matter what his motive was. She was mistaken when she called Position #1 “her” position.


  5. the un-duped voter says:

    PaulaG; I guess I was unclear. I totally agree that democracy spoke and “she” lost and that has nothing to do with our current mayor. My point was that the statement that Eric did not run to unseat “her” was laughable and just won’t hold water. Good or bad, I think that things should just be presented as they really are and then let the chips fall. If something won’t play well in the daylight maybe they shouldn’t be done.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Uhh, words matter and I never stated that Eric did not run to unseat her. I simply stated that she does not own position #1.


      1. the un-duped voter says:

        Yes you did and words do matter. Most people know what was done and why; some agree and some don’t. Doesn’t matter but why not just be open and transparent; he did what he did, he alluded to it in one of his responses in this blog, and it worked. End of story.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that Mr Martin created a Facebook page welcoming comments and suggestions , and yet quickly filtered out many of the comments, or questions.
    Sad, i was seriously hoping for a glimmer of a change for the better.


  7. Peter B. Jordan says:

    Jon Martin is a competent business person. Balancing one full time job and 4 fairly important part time jobs will be quite a feat for him, or anyone. Time will tell how that works out for him; and us. Jon has been very active and vocal in addressing his priorities as a business representative and advocate; I think we will see that continue or expand in his newest role. Again, time will tell if that is consistent with the priorities of the voters, the vast majority of whom are not business owners or employees.


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