Letter to the Editor (!)

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Ocean Shores City Council,
In my opinion, the permitted outside structure at the Ocean Pours Taproom is an added attraction that will enhance the visitors appreciation of Ocean Shores and contribute to the economic vitality of the City.

Let it stay.

Don DeHan
Olympia, WA


  1. Lee Schuster says:

    Thumbs up.


  2. the un-duped voter says:

    I agree with Mr DeHan. Many of our local businesses have been struggling to properly respond to somewhat vague and ever-changing pandemic protocols. The city administration chose to hire more people and fund their own priorities rather than use the federal relief funds to help businesses, as most of us thought it was for. Clever thought that; temporarily fund an administration that costs us money instead of temporarily funding businesses that create revenue. Technicalities and loopholes! While the temporary structures may not have a lot of eye appeal they are certainly better than a bunch of empty buildings that formerly housed viable businesses forced to close through no fault of their own and who received no help from the city. Perhaps some of our leaders should give some thought to protecting all businesses rather than just a few; not all businesses needed pandemic relief help but most of those who did didn’t get any from this city.


  3. Fair treatment to all says:

    It should be allowed to stay, as long as it meets the codes that all other business owners have to follow. Electrical, plumbing, parking, heat, etc. I know that it isn’t supposed to have heat in it the way they are doing it now, and extension cords aren’t up to code, so with some small changes, it should be fine. You cant have it both ways. If they want to claim it is a permanent structure, then they have to do the same as others. If they want to claim it as a tent, then it is good as long as the emergency orders are in place.


    1. Randy Johnson says:

      The structure isn’t code in any form. Is this going to open the door for all businesses? Most all people that build here go thru the proper building process because it’s mandatory costing thousands in permitting inspections E.I.S. when not even necessary. I like the business, but can’t be selective on what’s right and wrong.


  4. Cschil says:

    I enjoy seeing this every time I drive by. It is a positive business addition to our little town.


  5. Fed Up says:

    It needs to come down. Every other business has taken down their temporary structures and this should be no exception. Don’t want to be negative, but our City has codes and they should all be applied. The City has more important things to do than cater to 1 busniess owner that wans to keep a tent. Cannot even believe this is being discussed. The emergency period has passed and we all need to move forward and that applies to Ocean Pours.


    1. the un-duped voter says:

      Fed Up; if the emergency period has passed then why are we all having to wear masks everywhere we go and adhere to a lot of other “emergency” public health directives? While I agree that in normal times and for permanent structures we should all have to follow the rules equally, tents and other temporary structures are just that; temporary and in place to hopefully allow businesses to stay open and viable during a world wide crisis. They should be permitted as long as they are safe and in good repair and immediately removed when the pandemic is declared officially over. BTW, I don’t much care for the look either.


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