Who wants to be on council?

After his colleagues voted Jon Martin to fill the void as mayor left by the sudden passing of Crystal Dingler, Ocean Shores City Council now must fill the vacancy Martin leaves. How to apply (via osgov.com) will be announced at the next council meeting. Martin’s term runs until 2023.

Do you have what it takes? If so, what would you do, as a representative of your fellow citizens of Ocean Shores?

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  1. the un-duped voter says:

    I think that question has been answered very recently. I would bet that with one exception no one who expressed interest at that time will be allowed to join. The one exception has already been elected to a vacant seat. None of the other interested parties have what it will take; the desire and expectation to adhere to the thoughts, policies, and priorities of the existing majority. While it would be refreshing to see a member appointed who has a different perspective, a different set of priorities, and a different background of knowledge than now exists, I just don’t see that happening. What I do see happening is a group of well intentioned people applying for a position that by that time will already be filled in all but deed. The majority of this council has filled enough empty positions to have created a pattern of just that, they will wait until the “new” council is seated and then create the illusion of perusal and consideration which will result in appointing a philosophical clone. I hope I am wrong but the evidence of the last dozen years and an unusual amount of empty seat appointments indicates otherwise. My opinion but we shall see.


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