Why it’s probably over for Conniry, Daugherty, Hayes

The three OS City Council races seemed to narrow after the second count, yet actually widened. While all three races showed a reduction in the percentage lead, the vote leads respectively enjoyed by Eric Noble, Lisa Scott and Rich Hartman widened…thus, though the county still has 2,100 votes to count (the number in OS is not known), all three races likely are pretty much done deals.

Position 1

First count

Eric Noble     1,094    55.28%

Susan Conniry 882    44.57%

Difference         212    10.71%

Second count

Eric Noble        1,574   53.94%

Susan Conniry 1,341   45.96%

Difference            233      7.98%


Position 5

First count

Lisa Scott           1,105    56.81%

Patrick Daugherty 829    42.47%

Difference              276    14.34%

Second count

Lisa Scott              1,597   55.61%     

Patrick Daugherty 1,259   43.84%

Difference                338     11.77%


Position 7

First count

Rich Hartman 1,049 53.88%

Patric Hayes      893 45.87%

Difference          156  8.01%

Second count

Rich Hartman    1,518     52.95%

Patric Hayes      1,341    46.77%

Difference            177       6.18% 


  1. salstar@coastaccess.com says:

    Don’t know how it’s done, but too many small town races are a Done Deal !!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Easy, because of the small amount of voters in a small town. It would be different if there were still 20,000 votes to count.


    1. Peter B. Jordan says:

      The really sad thing is that only a third of the possible voters bother to vote. So our results are really just a majority of a minority. Apparently we need no government help to dis-enfranchise voters here, we do it for ourselves!


      1. Anonymous says:

        No, the sad thing is that you’re wrong on both points. According to the WA SOS website, there are 6,151 registered voters in Ocean Shores as of 11/1/21. GH County’s latest update (this morning) has 3,304 ballots counted in the Conniry/Noble race. Not only is that 53.7% voter participation, a bit more than a third, it also is the highest number of ballots ever cast in any election for a city office in Ocean Shores, easily surpassing the turnout of 3,238 in the 2019 mayoral election. So what we really have is a majority of a majority, the opposite of what you suggested.


  3. Mississippi Mike says:

    I think after the mud slinging and bullying campaign those 3 ran, 2 vocally and 1 manipulating others to do her bidding, they should lose! I have never seen such BS. Hayes, Daugherty and Conniry are the definition of dirty politics. Maybe a good mud wrestling with an alligator would straighten their attitudes.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Again the immature Susan haters have to comment. Hartman, Scott, and Noble supported the golf course lie from the beginning. Mud slinging, and made up story lines came from the over the top golf course zealots. You can try to rewrite the story line but Zander and his ilk did all the lying and bullying.


  5. Anonymous says:

    The followers still hanging onto the golf course lie, is really fantastic! You are manipulated, unless you heard directly from one of the three winning leaders, it was used for political gain. Someone shared with me their EVIDENCE there was nothing there, no quotes, just Zanders comments! Someone asked a direct question about Conniry’s involvement, she reads and trolls these pages. She could have directly answered the question, she referred to it when she cried about it-instead she spun it, and turned it into something it wasn’t. SC has been hating and campaigning since she has been here-those minority community voices meetings is all about campaigning. SC hated the Mayor, spread that hate and told people to poke at the council meetings, and anywhere else they could, stirred the pot constantly. She ran for Mayor as soon as she got to town. Then hated the mayor and built an army to do so, because the Mayor pulled the curtain back on who SC is. Miss cry for transparency SC-transparency doesn’t seem to apply to her. Instead she feels sorry for herself and turns everything around. Her lost by 3 votes is also BS, She worked hard for those votes, being political, spreading hate and going door to door, registering voters and hand delivering ballots. That does not a base make. Wake the hell up!


  6. Peter B. Jordan says:

    In reply to ” anonymous” posting on 11/10 in regards to voter turnout: my information came from a phone call to the GH auditors office. Perhaps they did not have current data or mis-understood my question. I accept your more current data, you have done a good job of mathematical explanation. I also accept the results as accurate. I still maintain, however, that even 53.7 % participation is less than admirable but I do congratulate O/S for exceeding most jurisdictions. Thank you for pointing out my inaccuracy.


    1. You could BOTH be right. Could be the number is more than half of OS registered voters…but less than a third of the OS “true” population (including part-timers)


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