Nice try, consipracy theorist!

When a previous post listed an Eric Noble campaign contribution by Scott Anderson, a certain individual who has been giddily making comments with assorted fake names jumped through the roof, claiming it was the city administrator. Nope. That would be Scott Andersen. (Who took the time to clarify this in a counter-comment.) Ah, the city of rumors…

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  1. anonymous says:

    Tom, over the years many “conspiracies” have become reality. To label all groups of facts and reasonably possible scenarios as conspiracies is too simplistic. What you see is not necessarily what you get and O/S is one of the least transparent governments in the county. Sometimes it is necessary to overstate or belabor a point before it gets picked up; especially when there is virtually no public media here that the city does not own, control, or heavily influence. I am sure that you remember that from your time here and it has gotten worse. In a society where apathy runs rampant it takes something extraordinary to make people take notice. Look how well “The Big Lie” is doing! This blog has 123 followers: how do you get the word out to the other 5000 possible voters? Maybe by printing something to get them talking? It could be that everything and everyone involved in O/S gov’t is totally honest, transparent, and full of great intentions. It could also be that is not the case. It never hurts to examine all points of view and groups of facts and then question your own beliefs as to veracity. It is important that all information, facts or just opinions are able to be judged by all on their own merit without also judging the source. Finally, as to fake names, retaliation is a real threat and I guess we could all just use the most popular one; anonymous. Not as much humor but just as, well, anonymous. Take care, thank you for the forum and thank your favorite deity that silly season is nearly over and we can begin griping about the results.


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