Tough Questions: Patrick Daugherty

Running for: OS Council Position 5. Running against: Lisa Scott.

Patrick Daugherty

Q: Why have you not been more involved in city government, such as in volunteering on boards?

A: I have been very involved voluntary in this town every week senior citizen center for almost 1 1/2 years distributed distributing food, along with food bank is the food bank every other week. Besides being First Vice President of the Lions Club also an active member in the Elks. A wife with a compromised immune system, two special need boys specially boys at home  As well as a ton of projects around the home address home I just bought 3 years ago  a man only has so many hours in z-day 

Q: What experience do you have managing people and/or large budgets?

A: I did own a small trucking company with 3 trucks driving one myself handling 2 drivers dispatching, planning maintenance schedules, making repairs on my vehicles, also  handled inbound  revenue and outbound expenditures, manage driver’s pa.

Q: Though you didn’t write this, you posted it on your Facebook page: “the Mayor’s voting bloc are gearing up to try to get the Aberdream Team, the Three Amigos, the Mayor’s Favors (whatever name you choose) elected to council in November…” What evidence, other than innuendo, do you have to support this view?

A: As for the mayor’s voting block, quite obvious, she only has them 3 signs in front of her home.  And you definitely know whose signs those are!! She is not supporting any other candidates which is wrong. She should be neutral.  Their signs were in place from the very start

Q: Do you still stand by your post on Facebook in January: “Trump Haters..Last night was a bit overwhelming to say the least at the Capitol. Too bad it was antifa that started the riot. They now just found pipe bombs all around the RNC… now I ask you .. why would a Trump supporter place pipe bombs all around to injure other people ? Answer .. they wouldn’t. It’s Antifa and BLM!…”

A: This is a nonpartisan position. It has nothing to do with the election it is my business and truly mine alone and I stand at that.


  1. Mississippi Mike says:

    First, the Mayor and her husband are citizens of our City and I support their right and freedom of speech to support the candidates of their choice.

    Secondly, I want to thank Patrick for running but, in my opinion, his calling is caring for his family and their special needs, working at the senior center and serving the Lions Club. I have also heard that he is a huge supporter of our Veterans. He should continue to support his family and the groups he is passionate about first and bring their concerns to council as a citizen. I think his plate is too full to serve effectively on City Council. I wish him the best after the election. I am not voting for him but I don’t think he is a bad guy.


    1. Michael D says:

      First the mayor is an elected official. She and her husband have every right to support political candidates but they should keep their opinions of local politics to themselves. It stinks of the “them against us” attitude and at the very least is poor leadership.

      Funny how you are ok voting for someone who does not own a home here, who may or may not be a full time resident. Someone who never has participated in Ocean Shores politics prior to being appointed by the mayor to council or has any type of volunteer work to show. She did state that she was so busy that she could hardly make the meetings! Good to see that she’s not so busy as to have hers and her running mates campaign signs at the golf course which is city property and not allowed.

      I do not agree with Patricks Facebook post but this is a non partisan position. I know he has a proven track record of helping the citizen of our city. I will judge him on his actions and not his Facebook post. I support him as someone who cares about our city over someone who may or may not be vested here and may or may not have the citizens best interest in mind.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr Daugherty shows his bias. These are nonpartisan positions but council members need to represent all in our community. Name calling, finger pointing, and partisan rhetoric have no place on council. Mr. Daugherty hadn’t just negatively labeled other candidates he had teamed up wit another candidate to do so and yet, he points the finger at the three he attacks as a “block.”

    I think he has demonstrated his real mind set with some of his past posts. I am not sure he could listen to views that he believes counter his partisan rhetoric.


  3. Anonymous says:

    We paid Lisa $175 to go train with the city of Aberdeen. That is somebody that has no time for us.


  4. hooterville hick says:

    Michael D.; The mayor is an elected official and does have the right to voice her opinion. However having the right to do something and doing it are entirely different things. For quite a few years the political etiquette in O/S has continually lowered the bar until it seems to be okay for elected officials to be actively campaigning for or against other candidates, employees to hide behind their unions or associations to endorse candidates or advocate actions which benefit themselves. Apparently we have accepted inappropriate as normal! This mayor has yet to see an issue or process in O/S that she didn’t want to influence or control, that’s who she is. As to not owning property as a council member, that seems to be a condition of that particular seat, neither did the last occupant. As to real residency, more than one candidate has that cloud over them. My personal preference would be to not allow non-property owners to vote on any issue that impacts property tax levels but I recognize that has inherent unfairness also. Our country started out that way but they also made the mistake of excluding women. As to not having time or interest to participate, the voters have a choice. Perhaps Mr Daughterty’s strongest point is that he is not likely to dance to the mayors tune. As for his opponent, there is a voting record to study.


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