Tough Questions: Lisa Scott

Running for: OS Council Position 5. Running against: Patrick Daugherty.

Lisa Scott

Q: The county campaign contributions page shows you have more than $2,000 in contributions, but does not list them (due to being less than $5,000). Did Curt Zander (operator of the Ocean Shores Golf Course) and/or any individual firefighters or the association donate?

A: Yes I did receive a donation from Curt and Tanya Zander and no I did not receive a donation from any Firefighters.

Q: What is your relationship with Rich Hartman and Eric Noble, and how can voters know you are not part of a “voting block” that will approve whatever the mayor and city staff want?

A: Rich Hartman has been a friend since he and his family moved to town. I have a working relationship with him in City Government, as well as a friendship. Rich is an incredibly intelligent man who has taught me many valuable lessons, one being that our time (yours and mine) is worth something.

I am also friends with Eric Noble and his wife Karin and respect Eric and his working knowledge of the City.

Having never been through an election before, I looked to both Eric and Rich for guidance and support.

I can I say, is that we are not a voting block. We each have are strengths and weaknesses in different areas. I look to all members of City Council and what they know and what I can learn from them. I definitely do not agree with anyone all of the time and have no problem voting against something I don’t think is a good fit for Ocean Shores. I have already voted “no” on issues that have come before City Council that Eric has voted “yes” on.

What I appreciate most about those two is that we can have a good conversation about issues, whether we agree or disagree, and at the end of it be able to move on and not hold grudges, stomp our feet because we didn’t get our way. It called teamwork and respect.

Q: What have you done as a council representative to be worthy of being elected?

A: Within my first few months on Council I was part of an Ad Hoc Committee that went through several Chapters of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This is an extremely important task as the Comp. Plan is what helps to drive the growth and development of our City. The Comp. Plan had been dormant for several years without any movement towards getting it approved. I have experience with not only helping to write Comprehensive Plans but also in administering them.

I have spent some time on the fresh waterways learning about the challenges that they face first hand so that I can be better educated when it comes time for budgeting.

I have spent time helping delve into the permit fees and am looking forward to the presentation before Council.

I have spent my career in public sector government. I know what to look for in a financial statement, revenues and expenses. I know what cooperation in City Government means and how to move projects forward.  

Q: Prior to your appointment to city council, why weren’t you more involved with OS government?

A: Other than attending City Council meetings, it has been tough to get more involved because of my work life and commitments. I have tailored back on my commitments and found myself slowing down a bit and wanted to bring forward what I have learned throughout my career.

I have attended and donated to many causes, specifically in Ocean Shores, because my time had not allowed me to participate more. Also many meetings are scheduled during the day, when I work, so I can’t attend.


  1. Randy Johnson says:

    Interesting, she says she is involved with fresh waterways, yet couldn’t find time to hear Pete Jordans presentation about the true history of Duck Lake and our waterways. He is probably the most knowledgeable person in the State that knows the problems with Duck Lake, and most current council members snubbed the presentation.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Interesting… Peter Jordan was used as a political pawn and he had a few interesting things to say but no substance. As a member of the Fresh Waterways Corp and Advisory Board I can say that one of our city council members that likes to take credit for her work with our groups has ONLY been photo ops. Lisa has spent time learning about them. She is the ONLY council member that has gone out and didn’t want pictures of her taken.


      1. Peter B. Jordan says:

        I’m sorry you thought I was “used” politically; I can’t seem to recall a single comment in the almost 90 minute presentation and dialogue that was directed for or against any particular politician. I did comment that as a whole the O/S council/mayor group had done very little of substance to improve or maintain the waterways in many years.
        I am sorry that you found a rather complete and verifiable history of the efforts to rehabilitate the fresh waterways to have little substance. By the way a history that included names, dates, events and source reference to verifiable documents.
        Perhaps there is a reason that the Corporation and the Board have been largely ineffective for nearly 20 years. The history does matter and the history related was one of a period of several large accomplishments followed by a long period of inactivity and an acceptance by the advocacy groups that there was “no money” even as almost all city revenues and functions grew.
        I think, and said so, that the advocacy groups are populated by good people with no cohesive plan and no demonstrated ability to push for success. I also said, and believe, that having dual advocacy groups just muddies the water and God knows it’s muddy enough.
        I was a founding member, first vice president, and president for 5 years and served with some wonderful and dedicated people of vision and resolution who demanded and achieved success in the face of denial and rejection. I was there; I bet you weren’t. If you have a better plan or greater knowledge than I laid out; start now with my blessing!
        Peter Jordan, President Emeritus, Ocean Fresh Waterways Corporation


  2. the un-duped voter says:

    Well, here we go with the bamboozle! Eric Noble in his response claimed to not have known Ms Scott prior to “campaign season”, even though they have been serving on the council together for some months! Maybe she was so busy and he missed enough meetings that they never quite met up. Ms Scott claims in her response that she has been so busy that she barely has time to go to council meetings, which may explain why it is just easier to vote the mayors’ ticket and not do any actual fact finding. And now Ms Scott claims to be “friends” with Mr Noble! Who are we to believe? Perhaps Mr Noble is so busy roofing the neighbors house that he is unaware of the friendship? Folks, we have here a complete fiasco of falsehoods and smokescreens! There can no longer be any doubt that these “3 on a sign” are running as a block dedicated to furthering the agenda of a disgraced mayor and others who plan to profit from their actions. None of the political maneuverings in O/S are stand alone, they all tie in together in some kind of pattern. If the voters do not take the time to look beyond just the flavor of the day they will end up with a bitter economic pill to swallow and absolutely no quality of life improvements; in fact quality of life will probably diminish. Ocean Shores has always been easy pickings for a small group of developers and the pocketbooks of the voters are to a great degree in the hands of 4 elected officials, 3 of whom are tied tail to tail, despite their false claims otherwise. Mr Hartman claims publicly to want 25 more employees! Does anyone think that the other 2 plus the mayor won’t go along? Folks, wake up or pay up! Ocean Shores can be a nice small city with solid essential services at an affordable level or a bloated beach town designed to benefit the few. The choice is clear; I personally think it is time to change the balance of power and make the mayor either justify her actions and priorities to the voters or resign and let O/S adopt different priorities!


    1. Phillip Giannini says:

      at same time, Rich was in city planning….its a 3 horseman of the apocalypse kinda voting block….together they can fleece our town for whats left, but think of what a great city funded, private ran golf course we will have….and yes….still only pacific seaside tourist town without a marina, boat launch or fishing pier


  3. Anonymous says:

    Lisa, you are a renter, why do you care if taxes go up?


  4. Vote Lisa Scott says:

    Wow. Instead of commenting on her answers and the wealth of knowledge she has brought and will continue to bring to our City Council, I see attacks on Ms Scott for 1)her developed friendships, yet no one attacks Conniry for her friendship with Sprigg. 2) where she lives. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, taxes will impact you. If taxes go up the Landlord passes those costs on to the tenants. What a stupid statement 3) There is not a voting “bloc” unless you call Conniry, Elduen and Sprigg a voting bloc. Another stupid statement. We elect people to council to listen to all of us and then make the best decision they ALL can for ALL of us. There is only so much council can do and we, as citizens, do not get everything we want. Council members have a tough job to balance the needs of citizens and tourists as well as a balance between retired citizens, families and our workforce. It is time to elect Lisa Scott to council and let her do the job she is promising to do for ALL of us.


    1. odis Lee warren says:

      We don’t get much of anything we want


    2. Michael D says:

      You are correct. Taxes go up and the landlord typically passes the increase on the tenant. If the rent gets to be to much you can pack up and move to another town and rent another unit. A little harder to do for those who own a home, have children in school or are just retired and don’t have the means.So yes your comment was a “stupid statement”.

      I don’t think anyone has an issue on anyone having friends. Might be the fact that she was less than honest with her replies to the question that’s the issue when there was no reason to be.

      I don’t recall seeing council members Elduen and Sprigs up for election. I also don’t recall seeing all of their names on campaign signs. So why are you bringing them up. Let me know how three council members are a voting block on a seven member council? So yet again another “stupid statement”. Four of the seven make a voting block that always seem to be in lockstep with an incompetent mayor. Million dollar lawsuit, another lawsuit in the courts.

      Sorry, she does not have the experience or knowledge to deserve re-election. Last meeting she bypassed city regulations and voted in lock step with the Dingler four. She along with the others all have have been charged with ethics violations.

      Lastly explain how all of their campaign signs are posted at the golf course which is city property and not allowed. I’m sure campaign signs are costly and every candidate knows exactly where their signs are.

      Does she listen to the voters are just one the way Dingler instructs here?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Peter Jordon… Didn’t Susan Conniry host it?


    1. Peter B. Jordan says:

      Your point? All council members were alerted and invited. No statements of political advocacy other than directly relating to the waterways were made. Were you there or just relying on stories? Again, your point?


  6. Peter, as president of the Ocean Shores Fresh Waterways Corp, please know that the “Anomyous” poster above in no way represents or speaks for OSFWC. In fact, quite the opposite. Those of us who attended found your presentation informative, substantive, and on point. It was the most all-encompassing chronological history of the waterways management efforts I’ve heard, and I’ve heard many stories. Thanks again for filling in the blanks for me.
    Regards, Bruce Malloy


    1. Peter B. Jordan says:

      Thanks, Bruce! That is the result I was hoping for and my only reason for being there. There was no political agenda; in fact that was a condition of my accepting the offer to speak. Feel free to contact me in the future if anything I know could aid your efforts to restore the waterways; I know the task is daunting! Regards, Peter Jordan

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Lisa Scott is very qualified for our city council both in terms of her experience and her passion for Greys Harbor and Ocean Shores. Lisa has demonstrated her willingness to work in tough issues – like reevaluating the camping ordinance and she will research the issues regarding the fresh-waterways. Ocean shores facings some tough challenges, we need council to understand Washington Government. Over the next 18 months to 2 years the council will be addressing the comp plan and ordinance changes. This complicated process will require significant focus. Ocean Shores will benefit from Lisa’s experience and knowledge.


    1. robin hoodwink says:

      Well, let us see. Her experience-a few months as an appointed replacement by a group with a history of appointing only those who toe the party line. Willingness to work? Well, she so far has been unwilling to re-arrange her life to give the time needed to properly research issues she admits she has not been involved in. Re-evaluate camping? Perhaps in order to make her council candidate buddies proposed camping project much more economically viable? Research the fresh waterways? When might she start; the issues are nearly 30 years old and the clock runs on. Understand gov’t ? Besides the obvious joke here, when might that occur when she admits to barely having time to attend meetings. Sleep tapes? Why not just call it as it really is: she will be an almost guaranteed vote for the current disgraced mayors’ agenda. Let’s just cut the crap; business as usual or a different set of priorities?


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