Special of the week: “Grilled Candidates”

You’ve heard all the easy questions and platitude-filled answers — now what do you REALLY want to know about and from the OS City Council candidates? Each candidate will be sent individualized questions — and no softballs. Suggest your put-him/her-on-the-grill question with a comment below or email tom@thenorthbeachnews.com


  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is Susan Conniry and Patric Hayes so against the golf course that they delete factual answers and block people?


    1. Anonymous says:

      Anonymous, too imbarrased to print your name???? Lol.


    2. Can you be more specific?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Are they for housing illegal emigrants, the homeless, low income housing for people who might work here half the year because the other half there’s no work?


    1. Curmudgeon says:

      Perhaps if all our candidate forums were not such a beauty contest and had a moderator who would really press the candidates to quit dancing and answer the damn question the voters would have a clearer picture and a stronger platform to hold them accountable if they re-neg.


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