How to spend that fed $$$?

Star of the Oct. 11 OS City Council meeting:


  1. hooterville hick says:

    Most are worthy projects. Some are more appropriate as grant-funded with local match. Some should be funded within utilities. Some are just not the responsibility of the city. And some are just not needed. However, if history is an indicator, the mayor will insist on hiring more help to share what is essentially the same workload. Apparently a happy staff is a happy mayor, in more ways than one. We the funding sources can only hope that the majority of our elected officials can find the courage and the knowledge to tell the mayor how it will be spent. Something new to look forward to!


  2. Anonymous says:

    #6 is not worthy among a few others. Was wondering if #23 is for the homeless.


    1. Peter B. Jordan says:

      In no particular order: #’s 1,5,8,12,26 should be the responsibility of the utilities; #’s 2,14,16,17,18,19,22 should be done at this time only if largely grant funded and well planned; #’s 4,9,10,13,15,20,21,23 are appropriate for general fund expenditures and could be paid by rescue act funds. #’s 3,6,7,11,24,25 should NOT be city funded, the city should only participate as facilitators without financing beyond an appropriate amount of staff time. Very careful prioritization should occur with much public involvement before any is spent. I would hope that only those things that are truly needed and that we could have in no other reasonable way anytime soon would top the list. As always, it is my strong belief that we should take care of what we have before getting more to not take care of, something this town is rather famous for. Plan well first, build/buy later.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Am I reading this right? We have till Dec 31, 2024 to obtain funds, and everything on this list would have to be done by Dec 31, 2026. If so we need to prioritize this list. Don’t see everything being done in 2 years.


  4. howdy rowdy says:

    They forgot? to list #27-Hire more people that will be hard to pay after the “free” money is gone; just like last time. Looking a gift horse in the mouth might just reveal an insatiable appetite for more!


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