Audio of Hartman-Hayes debate

(download first, then open; thank you, Andy)

Fifty-minute mark: Asked by Shannon Rubin, Canterbury Row general manager, about the firebreak behind “Hotel Row,” which many have complained is half-a$$ed and ugly, Hartman agreed it needs to be fixed, as well as brush trimming for better views from the hotels. “I would beg the then-current mayor at this point to try to resolve those issues,” Hartman said.

Hayes on the firebreak: “We need to address this.” But, as far as trimming brush behind hotels, Hayes was adamant: “Not our job. We shouldn’t clear the brush so they have a view. Not our job.”

Health care, waterways and how city council operates also discussed.


  1. al says:

    if you like rumors, here’s one. Hartman bought the lot across the post office and he’s going to turn it into an rv park, after he’s elected, gets on the planning commission and convinces the council to eliminate camping on private lots in the city.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Baaahaaaa it’s commercial land! He can do it it’s not a residential 🙂


  3. the un-duped voter says:

    Well— he did buy it, the land has the only specific overlay zoning for an rv park, he has formed a LLC with an address of record at 5 Star Collision for that purpose, he is on the planning commission, and he is publicly floating the idea of an “advisory vote” for the purpose of ending camping. Of course those who own property for rv use would be prohibited by law from voting. All verifiable fact!!! NOT rumors, he can do it and evidence points to his intention to. After all, what city official in their right mind would try to hinder a seated councilmember? Why would one of his running mates at the last council meeting, out of the blue with no background or foundation, float the idea that large project permit processes should get a faster turnaround and also echo that the council should take a look at camping. Wake up and connect the dots!


  4. Rich Hartman says:

    Dear Mr. Un Duped Voter. Not sure what your real name is, but I guess it’s more fun to make up things up and hide behind the curtain. I believe we call that lack or transparency. Yes I bought property. Yes my intention today is to build a family friendly RV Resort when it makes sense financially. It is zoned properly now. That’s why I bought it. I don’t need a zoning change. I don’t need to be on the planning commission for any personal reason or Gain. I don’t need to be on Council for any personal reason or possible gain. I call it service back to the community. Not everything is a conspiracy. Just because you think it or put it online, doesn’t make it true. Maybe you could start tuning into the Planning Commission meetings I attend. Maybe you could reach out and ask me questions directly, rather than make up rumors. Or, more likely, you just are friends with my opponent, (which is fine, he is a nice guy) and this is all a political post to confuse people on the sidelines. Ocean Shores silent majority are tired of the negative, baseless, conspiracy theory claims that get posted online. It’s is not a winning strategy.


  5. the un-duped voter says:

    People don’t “reach out” to you with questions because you publicly stated that you hired professional help to come up with the answers. Planning commission/council actions may have much less to do with zoning than possible protection of our woefully outdated development regs which favor the developers; like you plan to be. If presenting a questionable but accurate timeline of personally potentially profitable events concerning a potential member of a body which could influence those events is “rumor mongering” then so be it. Interesting that after so many public opportunities you only now choose to address the issue and verify the truth. Rather than trying to “confuse people on the sidelines” bringing actual events out in the open gives them the chance to make their own decisions based on all the data available. Perhaps people would feel more comfortable about you “musing” about an advisory vote about camping if terminating the practice would not be so economically beneficial to your plans. Not everything is a conspiracy but there are some things that are and some are simply self-serving plans in a sheep costume. You talk a lot about public service and giving back to the community but the reality is that prior to setting all the parts of the RV “plan” into motion I can’t remember a single instance of you participating in the processes in O/S gov’t that you couldn’t write off as business advertising. I ,and I think many people, would feel a lot more comfortable about your candidacy if you actually answered your own questions. Do you not know the answers or are you just wanting better “spin doctoring”? If elected, who will then answer for you? Will you be “your own man”; you haven’t been so far. This is not about your opponent, it is about you! Who the hell spends upward of $20K to get elected to a small town city council without expecting a return beyond “atta boy”? A savvy business man? Publicly examining events and issues related to a candidate for office may not be a “winning strategy” in Ocean Shores any more but it should be. There is nothing inherently wrong or illegal about your “plan”, the zoning was there way before you came around. What is so distasteful is your lack of disclosure or response until this late in the game. Transparency??? Try it on for size!


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