Rumor buster II: Hartman responds

My email to city council candidate Rich Hartman: “Rich, re a ‘conspiracy theories’ conversation we had a few months ago: are you willing to on the record stating that if you are elected, and if the mayor resigns, you will NOT accept the position?”

Hartman’s answer: “I will not apply.  I wouldn’t be comfortable enough with the “public rules” side of the job.  That comes with being in public service for a few years.”


  1. robin hoodwink says:

    He said he wouldn’t “apply”, he didn’t say he wouldn’t accept the job. Perhaps splitting hairs and belaboring the point, but then life with politicians and ambitious individuals can be a hair splitting ride. Interesting that the same “public rules” side of the job he claims discomfort with apply equally to the one he wants. And where has he been in “public service”? As far as his bio states he has never worked for a gov’t entity or been elected to public office. Just a poorly worded response or an example of the “Ocean Shores two step”? We shall see.


    1. Michael D says:

      Well stated. I wish I could say the same for his answer.


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