Rumor buster: The mayor resign-and-replace conspiracy theory

In a town that pretty much runs on rumors, this is a doozy: Mayor Crystal Dingler is buying (or has already bought!) a house “out of town” and, after “her people” are elected in November, plans to resign and have her hand-picked person (rhymes with “itchy dart, man”) replace her. Even 1,500 miles away, I’ve heard variations of this often enough that I figured it’s “making the rounds”; so, though I felt a bit foolish, I asked her about this crazy scenario. The mayor promptly replied: “Wow, that’s quite a story. Truth is we are not selling our house, we are not moving away, and I do not plan on resigning. Also, under the RCW’s I do not have a hand in selecting my successor. If I died in office, for instance, the same procedure that we use to replace Councilmembers would happen: that is, a call for applicants, applicants speaking to Council, and Council voting on a replacement until the next election.

“I have been ill and announced on the radio this morning that I will be having surgery later this month.”


  1. sheltered2 says:

    See my post. Once again, she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

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    1. Anonymous says:

      How so?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Unsubstantiated rumors suck! Many in our great city eat it up and pass it on. I don’t get it.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Ya sounds like CNN OR MSNBC.


  3. the un-duped voter says:

    Time will tell. Her past performance has not been the most honest and forthcoming in history. Let us not forget that she is a trained verbal illusionist. The cost to give false answers to an out of town blogger is miniscule compared to the cost of revealing actual plans and we know this is not the most transparent individual in town; not even close.


    1. hooterville hick says:

      “Your honor, we talked with the defendant and she said she didn’t do it so we are dropping the charges”. Wow! As a matter of fact, contained within her response is at least one falsehood. Yes, if she dies in office she will not be able to participate in choosing her successor; as long as her death was unexpected and instant. In fact she has participated in off the record conversations with council members about every single council replacement for the last 10 years and it seems reasonable that she would be consistent in that pattern in choosing her own replacement. There are several examples on the record of the mayor and this council having to scrap or re-do something because it was not allowed by RCW. Our mayor is trained to dance around the rules. Remember Bathke? Our mayor has never met a process she didn’t try to manipulate to go her way. She often knows the process but doesn’t always like or follow it. She’s more a “my way or the hiway” type of gal! Full speed ahead and damn the peons; er, torpedoes. If the plans she denies really are the plans does anyone think she is dumb enough to blow holes in her own raft? Actually the “crazy scenario” might not be that crazy, it might be the only way to still manipulate the process long after leaving office. There seems to be a lot of that going around these days. I’m no q-anon conspiracist, I don’t think trump won, I don’t think covid vaccines make people magnetic and I don’t think the moon is an alien listening post but I do think that asking the accused if they are guilty might not be the best way to find truth! Just sayin’!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Tom, for your attempt to stop another malicious rumor in our small town that is supposed to be our happy place. Guess many are not happy unless they are complaining or kicking our Mayor. Hope surgery goes well for our Mayor and fellow citizen. Get well soon Mayor Dingler, this last couple of years with the pandemic has been hell.


    1. Curmudgeon says:

      So what is “malicious” about this possible rumor? I see no threat, no disparaging remarks, no negative aspersions cast on the mayors’ character. What I see is a possible scenario, the future will show it to be truth or rumor. Perhaps many are not happy with the mayors’ performance and it is not about the joy of complaining about or kicking the mayor. If you are happy with her performance, good. If not, one has the right to complain. Theoretically she works for us. I would bet that the majority opinion lies somewhere in between. I too hope that the upcoming surgery goes well, job approval notwithstanding no one should wish otherwise. Let’s see how things unfold, after all it’s only politics.


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