My thoughts on “Three on a Sign” and other stuff

My view, from 1,500 miles away: After further review (sparked by an interesting phone call)…I won’t be using that other phrase to describe the “Three on a Sign” candidates. It was not intended to be derogatory, but, yeah, it’s a bit snarky…

*Hopefully, you are ENJOYING local politics season! The chance to get educated, see what your would-be representatives are all about…priceless. Go, democracy!

*Again, from a safe distance: I don’t see a problem with ANY of the candidates. Whether or not you agree with their policies, it’s hard to argue that each of them is enthusiastic and wants to “do the right thing.”

*Am I too far away to see the puppet strings? Maybe, and as much as I love a good conspiracy theory…I’m just not buying it.

*Just saying: If I lived in OS and had big money to burn and was scheming to MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY on developments and stuff…I wouldn’t run for City Council. I’d stay behind the scenes and let other people do the work. (But, hey, I’m lazy….)

*Why do Ocean Shores firefighters want more money? Because ALL firefighters want more money! Find me a city, town or county where the emergency responders are saying “We’re making too much, let us take salary cuts” — and I will eat my hat!!!!

*That said: Knocking on doors to support candidates who are “down with your agenda”? Tacky! Sure, it probably happens everywhere, but…show a little dignity!

*Does it matter where firefighter/paramedics live? Nope. As long as they can get to work and do their job, I wouldn’t care if they lived in Portland (or Poland, for that matter).

*THAT said: C’mon, OS firefighters — you work hard, but you have plenty of free time…why WOULDN’T you want to live at the beach??? Seriously, Tacoma is so awesome? Come ON, man!!!!


  1. Anonymous says:



  2. hooterville hick says:

    Well, in no particular order. It does matter where police and fire personnel live! Part of their salary is based on being available when needed. Do you honestly think that in the event of a regional situation those who live so far away will come rushing to our aid or will they choose to address other priorities. I know they just work here but a sense of community matters. Of course all employees want more money but a council persons job is to balance all the needs and wants of the community, not to express fealty to one group. Your hat is safe! As an aside, most of our employees choose to live elsewhere. Ever wonder why? What will happen when all the various unions and employee groups want special treatment? Bad idea! As to conspiracy theories, you might be right. But you might not. There is a lot that goes on quietly and off the record that not everyone hears and while not all that is spoken is inherently true some is. Those are the type of things you can’t hear at 1500 miles. There is a series of events, statements and legal filings to indicate that at least one candidate does have a personally beneficial agenda. I think it is better to see it coming than to be blindsided but that is just me. There are a lot of leaks in the current ship of state and not everyone is privy; but some are. For fear of retaliation(think last 3 fire chiefs) those in position to know certain things only trust a few people to get the info out publicly w/o reflecting on them. You are right, all the candidates seem to want to do the right thing; we may differ as to what that is. Your efforts have been worthwhile in our process but I would bet that if you were here you would catch some of the subtle and not so subtle nuances that make up the whole story. Thank you for what you do


    1. Legal filings, tell me more, please! Email


  3. odisLee warren says:

    OSFD allows all their Firemen or EMT drive all the way to Olympia to drop patients off . In the meantime a house burns to the ground because there’s no one to fight the fire plus they lost both of their dogs but it’s not the OSFD fault than whose fault is it.


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