Firefighter answers: Eric Noble

What inspired you to run for this position?

Ocean Shores is growing extremely fast, the next four years is critical to have a council that can work together and move the city forward for the next 20 years. We need to make decisions and not just have listening sessions without deciding.

List three goals you most want to accomplish as a public official:

1, Make sure we invest in the fresh waterways so they are viable for the future 2, Work on sidewalks for the Point Brown corridor. 3, Support the fire and police by building a new police station and improving and staffing the south fire station.

How do you feel about the current service being provided by the first responders in Ocean Shores (fire/police)?

Way overworked and understaffed. Need the south station opened and staffed and a new police station built.

Are you in favor of bringing in private, for-profit companies to respond to medical emergencies within the city of Ocean Shores?

No. Private companies are expensive and don’t do any better at taking care of the citizens, they are about making a profit. Maybe look down the road at a north beach fire that includes Ocean Shores to Moclips.

What is your position on public unions and collective bargaining?

Have not had a lot of experience with them. If it works then I am good.

If elected, will you meet and confer with the leadership of IAFF Local 2109 in a timely manner when requested?


If elected, would you support the careers of our members and fight to prevent loss of jobs, wages and benefits?

Yes. As we do not have an urgent care facility in town we do rely on the paramedics to help in an emergency. With the amount of calls that are answered each year it is amazing how well the fire department works.

Demands on the Ocean Shores Fire Department continue to increase.

Population growth, Covid-19, increased tourism and an aging population increase the demands placed on our fire department.

In 2017 the city paid for a third-party study to inform us on adequate staffing for our call volume. At that time, they informed us that we would need as many as 30 line personnel.

Since then, our call volume has increased, the ability of our local hospital has decreased, and we have only added one additional position. We currently have 20 line personnel.

How do you plan to use your position to help meet the increasing demands on the fire department?

Open and staff the south fire station.

Will you support the staffing model recommended to the city by the third party study group?

The last study we had showed the station to be understaffed, it still is. We always need to make sure the staffing fits the model and we can pay for it. I assume it will mean raising our rates which will not be popular but if communicated well to the residents I fell it would pass

Do you support the required additional cost in infrastructure and increased staffing to adequately

respond from the south station?

I support it and it should happen soon.

If endorsed by IAFF Local 2109, how do you plan on utilizing our endorsement? (e.g. Financial, name association, campaign volunteers, etc.)

Good question, I am not sure other then I would be honored to have your endorsement, I have not done politics much and am new at campaigning

Please provide any additional comments or statements to help us consider you for our endorsement.

Thanks for sending this out, any help I can be to the fire and safety of Ocean Shores I will do.

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