1. Vote for Eric says:

    The debate was won by Eric Noble. He spoke to the issues. He stated what he wants to do while his opponent once again played the poor me card. Her claims of people against her are getting old. She makes the same claims every election and no one cares. Wish she would have said what she stands for and provided facts to support her vision for the city and how she will achieve those goals. That would have made the debate worthwhile. Is it Nov 2nd yet?


    1. Randy johnson says:

      Solely your opinion, Eris Noble has no vision other than his three favorite agenda items. Tire to hear this same thing by three individuals running. What about our youth??? Marina, better Management of our assets, convention center? Golf course? Instead of catering to where they think their going to get the most vote! Thing for our youth has suffered for 50 years since I’ve moved here.


    2. Anonymous says:

      The fake Rosie the Riveter likes to hide own personal agenda.


      1. howdy rowdy says:

        No candidate hides their aganda(s) better than the (“3 on a sign”) or my personal favorite: the 3 blind mice.


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