Hayes to firefighters: “Take this survey and …”

Patric Hayes is running against Rich Hartman for Ocean Shores City Council Position 7. After seeing who the OS firefighters union gave their stamp of approval to (“The Three Amigos”: Hartman, Lisa Scott and Eric Noble), I asked each candidate to forward their answers. Here’s what Hayes answered:

 “I chose not to answer the Union survey. Why? Frankly, I don’t approve of how the Union has been involved in our city’s politics. I don’t approve of its shenanigans that got our previous fire chief terminated. I don’t approve of how the Union traded an endorsement to the mayor for the illegal termination. The Union has cost this city over $1 million in judgements and legal fees. And, it asked each of us questions like:
If elected, will you meet and confer with the leadership of IAFF Local 2109 in a timely manner when requested? – This is not the responsibility of a council member. We do not have access to staff or deal with the Union. This is strictly the responsibility of the mayor. 
If elected, would you support the careers of our members and fight to prevent loss of jobs, wages and benefits. – I support whatever is best for the city. Saying that, it is situational. It depends on the event or events leading up to making some kind of evaluation. One size does not fit all and I will not make a promise I cannot keep.
I’m not surprised that its questionnaire was all about what WE as council people can do for the Union and how can we do MORE for it? 
I’d be more impressed if it had asked questions such as:
What can WE (the Union) do to better serve you, the City Of Ocean Shores?We figured out a way to cut overtime by bringing in temporary help – and saving the cost of benefits (like we do on the Fourth of July). Do you approve?
Now don’t confuse my dislike of the Union and its practices with not supporting our fire personnel. It’s similar to liking individual members of a sports team but not cheering for the team.
I support our police and fire personnel (my older brother worked for the Anaheim Police and younger brother worked for the Riverside Fire Department). In fact I support hiring the three SAFER grant EMTs and the additional fire person advocated by the mayor, with the caveat that we have the funding sources that she had outlined previously (taxes from new construction and already having surplus money in the General Fund).
Indeed, I’m also in favor of improving the South End Fire Station. The debate is shall we invest in rehabbing the existing shell of the building or possibly looking at a modular solution (at a reduced cost). This issue will not be decided by a single council person, but the whole city council, collectively, and with the best interests of Ocean Shores in mind.
What I find interesting is that only five members of this union can even vote here. The rest don’t even live in our city. Thank goodness we have secret ballots. Perhaps these five don’t agree with the choices the Union has made.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great response Mr. Hayes. You have my vote.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent response. Thank you for your voice.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your comment. I quizzed them on some issues of who out of the union are residents, registered voters, etc and received an ambiguous response.


  4. howdy rowdy says:

    Hard to argue with an intelligent and ethical response. I wonder what his opponents hired PR firm formulated for him to claim as his own. Too bad the fire dep’t will not release all the answers. I guess information manipulation is the offense du jour in dinglerville.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow. If candidate know that only a handful of firefighters actually live inside boundaries of our City and only an alleged 5 are eligible to vote, why would they not complete and actually return the questionnaire? Thank goodness Social media BS will not determine our election. Intelligent people with common sense will.


    1. hooterville hick says:

      Wow” Only a candidate who did not understand our form of gov’t would be tempted to pander to such a self serving set of questions. Why would anyone violate the rules of their office to act like a marionette for an employee group? If things like media, social and other, are not a factor in “deciding” an election then what would be. Maybe “because she said to”? The “only a handful who actually live inside boundaries of our city” is important because only they, or some of they, are the only ones who have to pay for things. The rest come for the money and comparatively clean and safe working conditions. Intelligence and common sense would tell you that!


  6. Pam says:

    We are new full time to OS and it is unbelievable the things that are said regarding politics. My suggestion is have a 5 to 10 questions the candidate answers on how they would handle issues at hand. Mail to resident or can pick up replies. Sound like long history of bad blood all-around, which is sad. Work together people, if you do it would be amazing. Help each other for OS and the future. Hold people to promises made. So undecided at this time.


    1. the un-duped voter says:

      The things that are said do seem unbelievable. That said, many are true. O/S has run on “power politics” for years now. Maybe trying to copy big brother? Some years ago we had a mayor who would walk into council meetings and announce to the council “I have the votes so don’t bother discussing it”!! One of the problems is that in replacing a council person leaving early the voting majority(which is very easy to identify) select a replacement who will goose step right with them, not someone who might bring a different expertise or viewpoint to consider. We currently have a mayor who belittles and verbally abuses councilmembers who oppose her; and the rest of the council, on numerous occasions, sits mute and allows it!!! So without a complete change in the balance of power it will only get more dis-tasteful and more expensive. These things can only happen if the electorate allows it; good responsive gov’t requires constant vigil, not just an occasional look. BTW, thanks for being new and trying to learn!


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