Sorry, been busy with “HARK Valley”

What’s going on in OS? Any good local musicians to include in my new Facebook Bulletin newsletter …If you want to take a look you can subscriber free at or follow (Info on the Fb project here) …Meanwhile, tip me off to anything going on where the land meets the sea….


  1. Jennifer says:

    I have one for ya! Where would you like me to send you a link…. Email, messenger, text? Thank you!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Hello! Where would you like me to send a link to a local musician? I can email, text or messenger you through FB. Thanks so much!


    1. Sure go to Hark Valley Facebook page or and post as a comment please!


  3. the un-duped voter says:

    Well, you could look at how “save the golf course” became “support the golf course”, with the same 3 candidates hiding behind and supporting the OS version of “the big lie” You might want to look at why 2 councilmembers were called on the carpet in executive session for putting out public knowledge to the public. You might want to look at the timeline of a candidates acquisition of a large commercial property with a special zoning, then joins the planning commission as a first ever foray into OS process, forms a LLC to utilize the special zoning, runs for council and begins to call for an “advisory zoning vote” which well could specifically benefit him, and has to date spent 15k to hire a public relations firm to handle his campaign and answer all questions for him, since he has no background in OS gov’t process and doesn’t know the answers. Amazing what money can do! You might look at how the mayor manipulated and changed the “deep dive committees'” work product and presented it to council as completed when it was not and did not accurately reflect the work done to date when the process ended due to covid. And if you still have a heartbeat after that there is more here in our crooked little burg. There are several top notch musicians here, many are not working due to covid and lack of venues.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Also you might the Rosie the Riviter campaign add on the coastal Communications channel.


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