Moving ahead series: Candidates

“What is your biggest challenge to winning election?,” the North Beach News asked the candidates for OS City Council Positions 1 (incumbent Susan Conniry vs. challenger and current Position 7 Councilman Eric Noble), 5 (incumbent Lisa Scott vs challenger Patrick Daugherty) and 7 (Rich Hartman vs Patric Hayes). Answers coming today …


  1. hooterville hick says:

    The single biggest challenge to all candidates in O/S is the nearly complete lack of a balanced, neutral and widely available media which could provide a public service platform to inform the voters. For the last several election cycles it appears that the candidates who can afford the glitziest mailers and the most signs win. While this and other blog/social media outlets do reach some, many more are not aware of their existence. An uninformed electorate is quite susceptible to falling for any line that comes along. Maybe the lack of media could be directly traced to the dismal lack of voters responding. Or maybe most people just don’t care, they lament the politics here in Hooterville but do nothing to improve the situation.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Every single candidate has a website that includes contact information. All candidates are but a phone call or email away. Concerned citizens had no fewer than approximately 20 meet and greets that were set up, and most all were broadcast on social media and by word of mouth. And of course the candidate forum, both live and broadcast on North beach TV and


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