Scott AND Hartman leads shrink *corrected

After another 900 OS votes were counted, the two top in the Positions 5 and 7 primaries remain virtual locks to move on to the general election (the primary will be certified Aug. 17). In the 5 race, incumbent Lisa Scott and Patrick Daughtery will move on; Scott’s lead over Daughtery shrank slightly, from 22 points to 19 — but she is still by far the top vote getter, here. On the 7 front, Rich Hartman and Patric Hayes are moving on; Hartman’s lead also shrank slightly, with him going from 46.6% to 45% of the 7 votes and Hayes at just under 30%.

Latest count, with first count underneath.

Latest count


  1. robin hoodwink says:

    Sounds like a classic case of “good news- bad news”.


  2. robin hoodwink says:

    With the corrected info it appears the news is good and good! Comment now corrected


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