Sidewalks? Crosswalks? Survey says …

Monday night’s city council meeting features: Point Brown Avenue Pedestrian Crossing Study – Online Survey Results  Presented by: Public Works Director, Nick Bird and SCJ Alliance, Brad Shea

Point Brown Crossing  Survey Results Summary


A Request of the City Council of City of Ocean Shores, Washington, for City Council to Support the Grant Application for the TIB Sidewalk Program.

         Presented by: Public Works Director, Nick Bird

         Public Comment

         Council Questions and Discussion

         Council Action

Agenda Bill

Pedestrian Crossing Alternatives Analysis

Transportation Improvement Board Letter


  1. the un-duped voter says:

    You cannot believe anything that will be said about public desire for sidewalks/crossings. The mayor is a master manipulator and a trained trickster who has tasked an employee to spend a great deal of time over the last 18 months to build project support within the business community. It is a well documented fact that the general public rejected her last sidewalk attempt by about 90%. If she and the business community want sidewalks/crossings to benefit the businesses then let them form an LID and pay for them. Oh, wait, they researched that and found that the benefit fell way way short of the cost. So the mayor, who wants to claim that she “got it done” just figures to put the burden on the public. She just won’t let a bad idea go. And with this council that is very business oriented, unless the public again says no resoundingly, she might just pull the con off. Public, Beware


  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh brother the blame game continues! There are people who want sidewalks in this town and stated that “everyone” does. No everyone doesn’t but these are the noise makers that won’t let it go! Ugh! I don’t want them-this is for those in the back! Can you hear me? There needs to be an alternative plan…


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