Potential shortages at the IGA

It could be slim pickings for a bit at the IGA, according to a Facebook post from the Ocean Shores grocery yesterday (click here for link to story on the distributor UNFI COVID outbreak): “A message to our valued customers from Ocean Shores IGA:As some of you may have seen on the news, the company that supplies most of our products, UNFI, is experiencing a warehouse shut down due to an outbreak of Covid. UNFI will be unable to deliver most of our dry and frozen goods over the next couple of weeks. We do anticipate receiving deliveries for our meat department, our deli department, our bakery department, and produce , as most of these items come from different suppliers outside of UNFI. We are doing everything we can to source product elsewhere, but as we are a small independent store we don’t have our own warehouse, we rely on wholesale suppliers. We deeply Apologize for out of stocks and we are doing everything possible to get product on the shelf as soon as it comes in. We appreciate all of the support, love, and patience that you have shown to our small , hometown grocery store through these trying times. We look forward to serving our wonderful community and getting back to normal as soon as possible . If you would like to read more about the UNFI warehouse and their challenges they are facing, we have attached a link in comments. Thank you ,The entire staff at Ocean Shores IGA

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