How to pay that $730,000?

Also on Monday night’s council agenda, likely alluding to the former fire chief’s payment: Settlement Funding Options

         Led by: Mayor Pro Tem, Jon Martin and City Attorney, Brent Dille


  1. Anonymous says:

    The mayor did exactly what she was doing she should pay the whole thing and resign


    1. Anonymous says:

      Agree. 100% with you. Good thing for Mayor Dingler is that home prices are way up. I’m sure she could sell and find a nice place in Aberdeen. Say close to the river in the homeless camp!


  2. howdy rowdy says:

    The mayor should certainly resign but won’t because her planned successor hasn’t won his election yet. Hell, she has yet to publicly apologize or even admit she made a mistake! To take the money from the fire dept, as some have suggested, only punishes the citizens as the union will protect the employees to the bitter end, again at the taxpayers expense. Also her apologist council will never let her be publicly spanked. As long as the majority of the council consists of her “yes men and women” the taxpayers will be in harms way. Elections have consequences!!!!!!


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