Final thoughts: Lorraine Hardin

Hardin, fourth in the five-person battle for Position 5, on what she learned during her campaign: “I learned that the lack of a local newspaper and radio station make a big difference in how well a candidate can reach the community. My first campaign in 2019 was much more successful because I had a way to reach the entire city and not just those on social media.
“I also believe that things happen for a reason, and I look at my loss in a very positive light. My mother was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I will be one of her caregivers over the next months or years. Being responsible for Council duties would have been an extra load that would take away from what I can do for her.”

On her wishes for the city:
“My hopes for Ocean Shores are that the City will finally decide to be a vibrant city with a tourism bonus; meaning we take care of our residents first. We absolutely need a solid development plan to ensure retaining green spaces for nature and wildlife, stable jobs and housing, and no more growth simply for the sake of growth. If the rumors I hear about a proposed RV Park are true, I shudder to think how much our roads and other infrastructure will be impacted. We have a sad track record when it comes to seeing pitfalls; preferring to react to rather than plan for outcomes. My hope is that a Council with community-led goals will put us on a healthy path to the future.”


  1. Peter B. Jordan says:

    I agree with Loraine; the lack of any real media is the reason some of our local clowns get away with their lies and shenanigans! Hopefully in time this and other blogs will fill the gap. Her other comments are germaine as well. Good luck to her and her mother ongoing and thanks to her for trying to help.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Lack of honest, accurate reporting disproves the old adage: No news is good news.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Lack of reporting period! Thank you Lorraine. Good comments.


  4. Anonymous says:

    RV Park. For full time residents? Is that a true rumor? I have not heard that rumor.


  5. JoDee Lackey says:

    I am disappointed Lori didn’t do better in the primary. Hopefully, another day and different circumstances will bring her talents back to the table. Thank you Lori for your insight and dedication.


  6. the un-duped voter says:

    The RV park “rumor” stems from the news that a certain “rich” council candidate is the proud new owner of the 10+ acre property across from the post office; incidentally the only property in Ocean Shores which is specifically zoned for that use. Perhaps a councilmember would be in a good position to ensure a smooth development process with no extra costs? Maybe the truth should come out just to stop the “rumor”. Just a thought!


    1. Anonymous says:

      Wow, you are a tad bit snarky without any facts to back up your remarks. Unfounded comments like this is what causes so much unneeded drama in our city.


    2. Anonymous says:

      How about how/why the “rumor” got started? C’mon, somebody have the cojones to state where they heard it! Passing unsubstantiated “rumors” is very childish. Let’s hear from the rumor starter.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Thankful you did not win the primary. Your unfounded comments about a rumored RV park shows that you are part of the pot stirring in Ocean Shores and not a part of the solution.on a brighter note, sorry to hear about your mothers health and glad you will now have the time you need to care for her.


    1. Wow. Showing concern for potential impacts on infrastructure are ‘stirring the pot’? I guess we know where your loyalty lies, don’t we?


  8. the un-duped voter says:

    Snarky? Why don’t we just wait and see what transpires. Or research the ownership of the property. Perhaps the rumor is false, in which case no harm no foul. Perhaps the rumor is true, in which case another O/S bamboozle could be in the works. On can never be all wrong in suspecting that the gov’t of O/S is like an iceberg, what you see can look scary but the real danger is covered up.


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