Final thoughts: David Linn

Looks like David Linn will come up just short of his bid to make the general election for OS City Council Position 7. His thoughts? “I think that running for city council this year was personally rewarding. Although I did not succeed in winning a spot for the general election, I think I did succeed in bringing important issues to the conversation. I am encouraged that more than 500 people were moved enough to reward me with their vote. I will continue with my advocacy for environmental responsibility, and I hope to build off the attention that I was able to attract during the campaign. Who knows what opportunities will arise in the next two years?”

Linn’s hopes for the city: “I hope that Ocean Shores will be able to realize its potential to be a place where people can live in harmony with nature and maintain those attributes which make it a special place.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    David is a friend who I truly admire and appreciate all he stands for. Thank you for your continued support for the environmental wellbeing of Ocean Shores.


  2. Peter B. Jordan says:

    David Linn is an extremely decent and caring man who is broadcasting an important message: there should be a lot more concern given to the rampant development here. We simply cannot continue to log and level the town at this pace and expect to have the same quality of life that most of us came for. While completely halting development is neither possible nor beneficial, managing it in a socially and environmentally responsible way is. In point of fact to fail to do so is a recipe for disaster, when the “boom” ends as all booms do, the people of Ocean Shores will be left with the detritus; yet again. Don’t believe it? Go take a good look and a sniff of our fresh waterways, about as good an example of poor stewardship as you could find. When the boom ends and the boomers move on to greener pastures, as they have in the past and always will, will you like what is left? Rape and run is just not a sustainable plan. Growth costs us all in many ways and un-managed or mis-managed growth runs the price tag up exponentially. While David may not be the most experienced or well rounded candidate ever seen, he certainly has an important message to send and we need to listen before it is too late.


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