Official voters pamphlet

“Ocean Shores has 6,126 active registered voters,” according to Scott Turnbull, county Elections Administrator.

The candidates

City   City of Ocean Shores – Council Position 5– Short & Full term   Robert M Doering Jr.


Phone: (360) 500-0561


Elected Experience

I have no elected political experience; however, I do have much life experience as a team player. Furthermore, I have worked in large bureaucracy’s from the King County Library System to manufacturing Fortune 500 corporations.

Statement: Government is a bureaucracy that primary goal is to enforce social norms of society, and Hughes (2017) summarizes this as, “a public administrator is someone who follows the rules to the letter, who carries out instructions given by someone else, in theory the political leadership, but is not personally accountable.” I’m running for this position to keep the promise of the accountability of government. I do not

wish to come into this office to fight the system, but to complement it. I will offer my educational assets together with my practical business experience with new ideas that will enhance the function of this city.

I believe in transparency along with accountability to the citizens of this city from this


Patrick Daugherty

(continued from previous page) City of Ocean Shores – Council Position 5– Short & Full term   (Nonpartisan)

Phone: (503) 314-1851


Professional Experience: I am Patrick Daugherty running for City Council, Position # 5.

I am a full-time resident of Ocean Shores. I reside here with my wife and 2 grown sons.

My community involvement:

I volunteer with the food delivery at the Senior Center and Food Bank. Member of the Elks Lodge & First Vice President of the Lions Club.

My pastime loves:

Honors Scholar with PH THETA KAPPA also as President.

I have earned recognition certificates of accomplishment from organizations and companies

throughout my working career. Life and Work experience:

Served in the U.S. Air Force as a Jet Engine Tech/Trouble-Shooting Specialist.

Work experience Owner/Operator trucking business for 30 years. Working for you, the citizens of Ocean Shores:

There are many things I can contribute to our city. My life experiences and education will help the community achieve these goals in a positive caring way for all.My focus and attention are on these subjects and those problems of our citizens Growth impacts our quality of life, environment, utilities, taxpayers and business community. This needs attention and direction which I am willing to focus time and energy on I will advocate for a form of urgent care for our community.

Our fresh waterways have been neglected. I will vote to make restoration and maintenance a top priority.

To increase the economic benefit of our city.


Other Professional Experience

I have worked in small manufacturing companies to large corporations. This have given me the experience of a combination of business models to understand the needs for large and small businesses.

local government. We all must work together in the city government, but also listen

to the public on their views and needs. Moreover, the city council must come up with sensible solutions with options that can be viewed by the public, and then act upon them. I believe in small government, and I’m not fond of excessive taxation. Lastly, I can do the research that will help the city make decisions that will make life better here

Time with friends and family.

I have, for 30 years, owned the same motorcycle, a Harley Davidson Electro-glide. I ride it every chance I get.

Educational Background:

AA degrees in Manufacturing Technology/General studies, from Oregon Clackamas Community

I am eager to work for the taxpayer and represent the people of Ocean Shores. Thank you for your support,

Respectfully, Patrick Daugherty



2019 B.S. Applied Social Sciences, GRAND CAYON UNIVERSITY 2020/2022. Master of Science

in Sociology, Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

Community Service

Fundraisers with no corporate affiliation.

Edgar W Schroll


No Phone or Email Submitted

Elected Experience

I have been a full-time resident of Ocean Shores since 2012 and served as a board member and President of Associated Arts of Ocean Shores for eight years working with other members to bring back the Arts.

Other Professional Experience No Information Submitted


My background is electrical engineering, problem solving, teaching and working with

others to find answers to difficult problems.

Community Service

in this small community.


I believe that our local government should work for the betterment of all Ocean Shores residents by investing in organizations and projects that improve our quality of life.

Ocean Shores must prioritize affordable housing for seniors and the people who live and work in our community. We should be supplementing organizations like the Ocean Shores Food Bank and Senior Center, and supporting our small businesses by making the city safe, inviting, and easier to navigate for our annual tourists. Our city is growing, and we must ensure that growth benefits our citizens first! I intend to work with my fellow council members, the mayor, and our local businesses and organizations to collaboratively reach these goals.

As a retiree living on a fixed income like many of you, I vow to work for the people of Ocean Shores. I’m an active volunteer, having served on the board and as the president of the Associated Arts of Ocean Shores, and founded a 501c3 non-profit

based in Cambodia in 2012. I vow to listen to the concerns of our residents and echo


David Linn


Phone: (360) 589-3718


Elected Experience

Treasurer of a residential condominium association with 150 units, a

staff of 30 and an annual operating budget of $2 million.

Other Professional Experience

Investment fiduciary providing consulting and restructuring services for public pension plans, foundations and Taft-Hartley multi-employer benefit plans. Real estate manager for commercial and multi-family residential properties. College instructor in accounting and finance in


I am running for city council because I believe it is the most effective way for me to have a positive impact on this beautiful small town. I chose to retire here because Ocean Shores is a quiet and friendly place with a closeness to nature. Many of you moved here for the same reason, and together we can work to preserve the quality of life that attracted us to Ocean Shores. I have been a public participant at council meetings and commented on topics of importance to citizens, but a three-minute presentation does not allow for the level of involvement I can bring as a council member.

I have broad financial experience, I am thoughtful and articulate, and I can bring my diversity of experience to deal with city council issues both financial and operational. We need to get away from the notion of “It’s always been done that way” and I will

I have continuously volunteered with the Ocean Shores Food Bank, senior center, library, and Associated Arts of Ocean Shores. In 2012, I started a non-profit in Cambodia, Caring for Poor and Orphaned Children, providing access to clean water and education. Compassion thrives in serving others

Lisa Scott


Phone: (360) 590-0990



I was lucky to have been raised in Grays Harbor, where my parents still operate a small family owned business that they purchased in 1979.

After graduating from college, I was fortunate to have begun my career at the Port of Grays Harbor in 1992 where I worked for eight years in the Property Division. I joined the team at the City of Aberdeen in 2000. For the last 21 years I have been with the City’s Community Development Department; serving the last fifteen years as Director where I oversee the Building, Code Compliance, Planning and Property Maintenance


Lorraine Hardin


No Phone or Email Submitted:


Elected Experience

Treasurer – Ocean Shores Food Bank, Secretary – Stage West Community Theater, President – TMP, President – PIE, Treasurer – Women in Motion.

Other Professional Experience

Veterinary Medicine Nurse and Manager, John Deere Service Clerk, Medical Transcriptionist.


High School Graduate, Certifications for Medical Transcription,

continuing education requirements.

Community Service

Twenty years in community service including volunteer work with OS Food Bank and Co- Founder of The Learning Series of Ocean Shores. Volunteer with community theaters, Partners in Education (Ocean Shores), and the OS Police Department Animal Shelter. I work with a wide variety of communities and individuals, using my communication skills to improve the


their voices. We are #OceanShoresStrong!


My passion is serving the local community. I have called Ocean Shores home for

five years now. I am grateful that we have outstanding first responders in Ocean Shores. Ensuring that our city provides quality services to our citizens is of the utmost importance to me. I want the city to continue to support both our Police and Fire Departments, so that they can continue to provide exceptional professional services to our growing population. Likewise, supporting growth in an environmentally friendly way is a high priority of mine. I am very invested in making sure that current codes are followed when development happens. We need to finish the Comprehensive Plan. We need to rewrite the Zoning Code to support the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan since this is where good ordinances and codes come from.

I am a big supporter of our small businesses, without them there is no Ocean Shores. They need all of our help to survive today’s unique environment.

I am an outdoor enthusiast and believe that Ocean Shores is the gem for recreation activities. Supporting activities such as golfing, fresh waterways, walking trails and the beach are necessary for Ocean Shores to stay competitive.


I’m running for Position 5 because I want the Council to represent the best aspirations of the people of Ocean Shores. If elected, I will work with you to improve our town.

My financial experience will help us keep costs down and identify new or existing revenues so we can avoid increasing taxes. I will work to promote responsible growth to prepare our city for the future while protecting our appreciation of green spaces and wildlife. Together we can make Council better!

I see an increased need for investment in our young people. Year-round jobs and summer entertainment are important issues for them. If elected I will work with fellow council members to develop opportunities for our youth.

The Council’s job is to set financial priorities, establish policy, and make legislative decisions. The best way to do that is to listen to our citizens. If elected, I will listen to your advice and suggestions. I understand how important it is to be heard.

Our citizens are involved and interested in who represents them on Council. We can work together to make Ocean Shores the home you want it to be. Please vote for Lorraine Hardin, Position #5.

undergraduate and graduate programs. Manufacturing engineer for an automotive parts supplier.

Education MBA University of Dayton. M.A. Finance, The Ohio State University. B.S Mathematics, Case Institute of Technology.

Community Service

Volunteer for small organic farms, delivering produce to homes in Ocean Shores. Developing 1 ½ acre wildlife habitat.

Rich Hartman


Phone: (360) 581-1101



Elected Experience Ocean Shores Planning Commission Public Facilities District

Former Montesano School Board Director Former Ocean Shores Community Club Trustee

Other Professional Experience 24 Year Business Owner in Grays Harbor (Five Star Dealerships)

Attorney General Advisory Board Member for Washington State Auto Dealers Association

Past Chairman of NW Ford Dealers Advertising Board Board Member GM, Toyota, and Ford Advertising Associations

Vice President of Washington State Auto Dealers Association

Education Portland Community College

Attended Oregon State University, Majoring in Finance with Industrial Engineer minor Community Service Current member of GGHI, Elma and Montesano Chamber, Elks, Eagles, Moose, Rotary, United Way Gala Founder, Sand and Sawdust Founding Sponsor, numerous charities

Patric Hayes


Phone: (661) 210-6395



Elected Experience This is my first time running for elected office.

Other Professional Experience

Director of Operations for multi-million dollar Hi-Tech company. Owner and CEO of computer peripheral repair company. Hardware and software analyst for the Walt Disney Company – Corporate. Software developer for the law firm of Latham & Watkins. Senior Software

developer for the DOL and Department Of Social And Health Services – Washington state.


Graduated Santa Ana Valley High, two years Santa Ana College studying Digital Circuit Analysis, Digital Electronic Design and Astronomy. Novell CNA, Microsoft Certified Application Developer. Community Service

Active and concerned citizen.

bring fresh ideas to solving complex city problems.

As a member of city council, I will continue my involvement in the community and utilize my skills and experience to help move Ocean Shores toward a better future.

Please mark your ballot for David Linn, Position 7.


Covid has negatively impacted us all, but every crisis offers unique and exciting opportunities. I am running for City Council because I hope to be your advocate and inspire our community to embrace those opportunities and rebuild even better, for the future citizens of beautiful Ocean Shores.

I pledge to collaborate with other members of the Ocean Shores City Council, the Mayor, and our city department heads. I will negotiate common ground solutions to maximize efficiency, stretching your taxpayer dollars to help our city move forward, without raising taxes and fees that weigh so heavily on our small businesses and families in a post Covid world.

I will work on plans that make our city more accessible, our downtown more enjoyable, and our community safer for everyone.

I will continue to invest wisely for the future of our city’s fresh waterways, golf course, beaches and infrastructure.

Finally, I will always be approachable and responsive to the residents of our community, and make sure your voice is heard and included regarding the issues our City Council is facing. Excellent customer service has always been my priority during my career and I will bring these same values to the City Council.


A government, in which all citizens participate, makes for a healthy prosperous community. As Director Of Operations for a high tech company responsible for millions of dollars in revenue, as a business owner and software developer, I have spent over 40 years solving problems. I’m trained to take complex problems and break them down to manageable, solutions making them efficient and cost effective.

Ocean Shores wants and needs change. I will include every citizen and taxpayer in the financial decisions for our city. I will achieve this is by having frequently scheduled town halls, community meetings and utilizing social media.

It is the duty of the city to provide essential services for all residents. I am fiscally conservative. Prudent spending of taxpayers’ money will be my highest priority. I will support our business community by providing an environment that allows them to grow and prosper. This will be accomplished by working with my Council colleagues to review our current ordinances on an ongoing basis. We can and will eliminate outdated ordinances and clarify conflicting ones.

To restore and foster trust between the citizens and our city will result in a more enjoyable and prosperous community.

20 The Auditor’s Office is not responsible for the content of statements or their factual and grammatical accuracy.                                                                                                                                                                         The Auditor’s Office is not responsible for the content of statements or their factual and grammatical accuracy. 21

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  1. howdy rowdy says:

    What can I say? A veritable rogues gallery of wannabes and not a clue in the bunch. Even the professional consultant hired by the one trying to buy a seat hasn’t a clue! Am I the only one tired of sorting through the BS trying to find the lesser of the evils?


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