Four years later…

Wheels of the bus going ’round and ’round — or is the city moving ahead? From the city’s website: 2017 Accomplishments
City of Ocean Shores
Plans, Reports, Studies, and New Efforts
Coastal Resiliency Coalition Ruckleshaus Report – released 05/17
Collection System Tsunami Shelter Feasibility Study – reviewed 10/17
Employee Manual Update – complete 1
st draft 12/17
FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plan – complete 1
st draft 12/17
Financial Goals and Guidelines for the City – passed 07/17
Fire/EMS Scheduling System Software – tested and implemented 08/17
FOL/Library Board, Library Expansion Plan – approved 11/17
High Dunes Trail Feasibility Study – complete 4/17
Parks and Recreation Plan by Parks Board – draft submitted 11/17
Pavement Assessment Gray & Osborne, Inc. – draft 09/17
Police Collective Bargaining Agreement – approved 07/17
Pt Brown Sidewalk Conceptual Plan – 4
th Alt. approved 11/17
Shoreline Master Plan – submitted 11/17
Six Year Transportation Improvement Program – passed 06/17
Timber Bridge Load Ratings Review (WSDOT) – complete 12/17
Transportation Benefit District – established 01/17
Two “City Talk” North Beach TV episodes – ongoing
Water System Plan – State approved 5/17
Wheeled All-Terrain (side-by-side) Vehicles on City Streets – passed 07/17
WSDOT Airport Inspection – complete 05/17


  1. hooterville hick says:

    Most of these are required by bigger gov’t to qualify for grants or just to show obedience. Most of the rest are planning documents created to promote/push the current mayors’ agenda, several of them have been soundly rejected by the citizens, which has not deterred her at all. What is really interesting is that I see only one that has anything to do with maintaining things already in existence and that one has gone almost nowhere. This mayor and her council minions are hell bent to build, buy, or hire everything they can think of while almost totally ignoring the protection of the peoples’ assets already existing. The only bright light in this tunnel is that due to their incompetence and/or ignorance they have not borne much fruit from the cost and effort. I propose that we furlough the mayor and council for a year and then hold a vote to see if anybody missed them; at least our pocketbooks might have time to quit bleeding.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with “hooterville hick’s” comments!


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