The “Noble strategy”

Yesterday, the North Beach News forwarded a question from a reader: “I would like to see a article on why Eric Noble is running for position 1 instead of position 7 where he is now. Did he do this because Rich Hartman knew he couldn’t beat Susan? Was Eric made the sacramental lamb?” After a bit of a back and forth with Noble, he replied “I have posted a blog on my website, under the blog tab that answers the question.” Indeed, at, he posted the following yesterday evening:

Why is Eric Noble switching from Council Position 7 to Position 1?”  
This is a question that has been asked numerous times. It is interesting that this has happened  in past elections, yet no one had asked why other council members switched in the same way I am. That alone is worth looking into.

The answer:

I am running for Ocean Shores City Council Position 1 because I want to be on a council that gets things done. It is always crucial to listen to people and get as much input as one can from citizens; once all the information is gathered, a decision should be made. Not everyone might agree with that decision, but at the end of the day we need to move the city forward.

It has been difficult at best over the last 18 months to get much done. There has been a great deal of chatter about this council not working well together, and to a point I can see that, the last budgeting process is a good example. I do believe I can work with anyone, and my opponent and I have worked well together on the ad hoc committee for the Comprehensive Plan. I also feel that decisions on where the city should be going and how we should get there need to be made. 

I am a results-oriented person who listens and then decides. I do feel my opponent listens well but does not make many firm decisions, nor does she take a consistent stand on issues. That is why I am running for Position 1.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s interesting to me that some people think that council people “own” seats. Would you run for a seat that already has 3 people seeking it and have to fund a campaign that is twice as long, or instead go for a seat that is running unopposed. In the past, in this city, people have never felt that they were entitled to any particular seat. In the future, maybe there should be wards, rather than all seats being open to anyone. Council people represent, they aren’t entitled, nor do they own a particular numbered seat.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, he’s been on the present council.. so if he’s speaking that nothing gets done, some blame should fall on him. We know their strategy… we aren’t stupid. This city will be in a world of hurt if it does as the 3 plan ( I don’t see that happening). Power trip for them is what it is.


  3. Interesting that he finally answered this in writing, and the answer would make a lot of sense if he hadn’t said repeatedly he wasn’t going to run again. I guess we will know in November if his strategy works.


  4. robin hoodwink says:

    His “strategy” is really laughingly simple and totally consistent with his record: try to remove any questioning of or resistance to the current mayor so the majority of the council can sit back and let her do their thinking for them as she blunders the taxpayers into bankruptcy.


  5. Odis says:

    Eric Nobel is trying to unseat Susan has nothing to do with a counsel getting things done . if all of the mayor’s puppets would pull their heads out of the mayor’s rear end and think more about the citizens of this city. But these 4 individuals allowed the mayor to fire city employees that will cost this city well over 0ne million dollars. And then they condone the agreement that the mayor and Zander cooked up which is illegal and cost this city 15 years of revenue that how the mayor and her puppets get things done.


  6. cinemanian says:

    Yes but he doesn’t actually address the question he claims to address. Kind of gives credence to the concept of “double talk.” Hard to tell if he “listens” — never answered any of my email messages. And by the way, do folks really want a councilperson who takes consistent stands on issues, even when those issues change dramatically? And something to consider before marking your ballot: Which candidates have something to gain personally by being on the Ocean Shores City Council? It’s worth doing the homework on this one.


  7. howdy rowdy says:

    In at least 2 instances it would be very revealing to know what a potential council member plans to gain by being on the council; things like protecting or changing zoning or development regs to facilitate development on large commercial “tracts” they have an “interest” in? Or maybe just pushing the wheels to turn? Or a larger agenda of establishing a pattern of benefit to the business community at the expense of the taxpayer, a move we have already seen proposed and which refuses to die?


  8. Anonymous says:

    Nice job of dancing around the question while never answering it. At a early talk to the council event it was him, Lisa and Susan. When asked this question his answer was “it’s personal” .


  9. Anonymous says:

    Good Lord-people beat each other up in this town. Of course the person he is running against doesn’t make firm decisions about anything, that would be political suicide-she just serves the Kool-aide. So many in this town drink it, and call it whatever she tells them to. Talk about following someone. What the heck!


    1. cinemanian says:

      What “Anonymous” doesn’t know about government would require another library expansion.


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