Paula Gratzer: ‘I’m not a puppet!’

The critic-of-those-critical-of-the-golf-course discusses her current role and thoughts: “I have worked at the golf course for many years. Not sure where the ‘clerk’ came from. I did work the counter and helped with tournaments. But I completely retired last year and helped out this spring a little until they found someone else to work. 
“So I guess my answer now is no. 
“Curt and Tonya Zander are good friends. Many say I am a puppet for Curt and that is not true. I love the game of golf (thanks to my grandfather) and I support our golf course. It is an important asset to our City. I played golf in Ocean Shores when the City operated it many many years ago and it was a disaster. Curt has done an excellent job in keeping the course maintained. In spite of any mistakes he may have made …. it will be a sad day when he walks away and retires. I just hope that the next operator will have his dedication. He does not plan on renewing his Lease in 2026 so there is time for the City to come up with a plan to budget for major improvements and to make sure the course will be operated so it will continue to be a huge attraction to bring tourists to our City as well as retirees who enjoy the game.”


  1. robin hoodwink says:

    Of course she is not a puppet! Being a marionette is so much classier!


  2. hooterville hick says:

    First, I do not know Ms Gratzer but I do know both Mr Zander and Mr Elduan. I have no clue what drives Ms Gratzer but both Zander and Elduan appear to be driven by the appropriate actions of one in their positions. Mr Elduan as a council member should question ALL contractual and financial dealings, that is his job; something which seemingly has escaped several of his fellow members. He also should try to get the necessary information and cause proper disposition of any issues which seem problematic; not always easy when the leader of the city stonewalls certain council members. I have yet to see any wrongdoing on his part. Mr Zander has operated the golf course for many years under a contract with the city and has, all things considered, done an excellent job. While there have been some relatively small issues, they have been resolved at little or no expense to the taxpayer and his stewardship has resulted in a golf course in better shape than at any time in the past, including those years when the developers threw money at it by the fistful. I see no evidence of intentional fraud or dishonesty, just a businessman trying to make a living in a difficult environment. Having said that, THOSE ARE NOT THE REAL ISSUES HERE! The real issue is the totally false and politically manufactured “Danger” that at least two council members and a hopeful are basing their campaigns on. While is legal for politicians to knowingly lie I don’t think that is really good for the people. The “3 amigos” are knowingly trying to benefit from a blatant lie, the golf course is not in any way in jeopardy of being sold off, there is no evidence of that and only a conspiracy nut would really buy the BS. If this is the kind of ethics and honesty these 3 show now, one can only cringe thinking about their actions in office. At least one of them felt it necessary to have their campaign run by a professional media consultant; perhaps they felt that would make for a better hoodwinking. Ethics do matter and this issue is one of the most blatant lack of ethics and honesty ever seen here in Hooterville and there have been some dandies. WAKE UP and sniff the BS folks, before it is too late


  3. Anonymous says:

    Very refreshing to see the truth of the issue stated so precisely by Hooterville Hick.


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