‘You’re biased!’

It’s not even noon, already a council member told me “the articles you publish seems to be very biased” … then, on Facebook, someone else said “I’m starting to wonder about your ethics” — because I posted an elected official’s photo. (Still trying to figure that one out …) I guess this is an update of some of the criticisms I used to hear, circa 2008-12, when I was Editor of the North Coast News (RIP?): “You’re just trying to sell papers!” “There he goes, stirring the pot again!” Then-Mayor Dean Bunkers even called me out during a City Council meeting, for my reporting on the Street LID and other city cost overruns. (Bunkers resigned shortly after that, so…)

Am I Walter Cronkite? No, unfortunately … Though my self-appointed role as reporter-columnist-editor-publisher might “blur the lines,” and though I’m not shy about tossing in a little commentary here and there, when reporting I do try to show both sides of stories. As you will see, if you follow some posts later today on another case that threatens to split Ocean Shores in two…


  1. Odis says:

    Keep up the good job


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for digging into things and getting the information out there. More than the city and city council is doing. Too busy being antagonistic to each other instead of working for the citizens.


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