Map of the 3 “3-on-1” sites

Here are the locations of three lots on which a builder is requesting conditional used permits for “3-homes-on-one-lot.” Details on today’s meeting: “An application for 3 conditional use permits has been received by the City of Ocean Shores to construct 3 Unit, Common Wall, Residential Structures, sub-divided to allow individual ownership. Locations, CUP 21-002 Division 19A, Block 3, Lot 4 (1453 E Ocean Shores Blvd. SW), CUP 21-003 Division 21, Block 1, Lot 4 (926 Gunderson Ave. SE), and CUP 21-004 Division 17, Block 8, Lot 36 (1075 Brewer Ct. SW), Ocean Shores, WA 98569The City of Ocean Shores Hearing Examiner will hold a virtual Public Hearing on the requested conditional use permit at the following time and place:

Wednesday, July 28, 2021, at 10:00 am City of Ocean Shores Remote Access Via Zoom: Join Zoom Online here

more info:


  1. Ted Olsen says:

    Can I put 6 camping trailers on my single lot… they are all family…like some comments say Times are changing


  2. Anonymous says:

    What impact will this effect the areas. Was an environmental study done? People say times are changing, but our little town can handle so much. This is a resort and retirement, whether people want to face it. Let people who have lots stay all year. It’s changing times? At least the lot owners leave trees.


  3. Melanie Knight says:

    This quiet family neighborhood is not the place for building a 40 footplus high building with 3 families and 6 cars on one lot to build. If you live in a residential area imagine buildings like this going up around you. Please contact your council members and support keeping residential neighborhoods from this


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