Builder responds

After a score of neighbors slammed his plan for a 3-homes-on-1 lot near the Community Center, a somber-sounding Jeremy Crawford of Bayside Builders had his turn on the Zoom meeting. At first he said he wasn’t going to respond, then mustered up a weary defense: “It feels like a lot of these people are trying to let personal come between what can actually happen it can be permitted as a three-unit rental, actually four unites…These people are not understanding what I’m trying to do, make it so it’s a home owner and not a rental…I feel home owners will come in and take care of the properties.”

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  1. Don W. says:

    You can call it what you want. It’s a distinction without a difference. Whether it’s called a 3-unit rental property from the get-go that requires no conditional use permit in R-5 zones or 3 separately owned properties that requires a CUP makes no difference. Single-owned homes can be rented anywhere in R zones as long as for 30 days or longer. It’s to the builder’s advantage to go thru the CUP that way he can go either way. All the concerns expressed today are valid. It’s the zoning that’s the problem. And it’s been that way since day one. The Hearing Examiner’s job is to “Find a way to say YES”. And that’s exactly how this will turn out. Come to City Council Meetings and tell the Mayor & Council what you think. Ocean Shores’ Pyramid Zoning is a can that will keep being kicked down the road.


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